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They were ok to send me the package on time and in perfect condition. I dont like surprises but this time i got a bonus pills which made it perfect. they are now called Generic4all Global.

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Edward Abraham
I paid for Viagra and Cialis and I never got an answer on my repeated e-mails and even calls. What CAN WE DO or WHAT SHOULD we do? Can we cancel the credit card payment? They are so STUPID. They could make millions but chose to cheat? I hope not!!!! Should we report it to the authorities?
Worst experience ever with edpharm. The over charged me, tried charging me twice and when that didn't work they tried charging a less amount. I had to cancel my card because of fraudulent charges that kept trying to process. After almost 3 weeks I received an envelope in the mail with a plastic baggie containing solid white pills stamped A159 on them. I tried contacting the company but have not heard back from them. I though maybe they could still be legit so I started taking the pills that were sent. Five days later I have gained 4 pounds notice no changes in the way that I feel. I have taken phentermine in the past when it was still available in the U.S. and it worked great. I am so disappointed in the whole experience but I am mostly disappointed with myself for getting sucked into the scam.
I was suffering of erectile dysfunction for quite some time. I did not know what to do when a friend of mine asked me to consult a doctor. I was prescribed Cialis. It is an an oral drug. The drug starts its effect after 30 mintues of intake and lasts for 28 hours.

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