Drug: Didrex

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On the other hand, Didrex is the brand name for benzphetamine, which is a prescription drug known to be very effective in weight reduction. Mainly used for short period of time as an adjunct to exercises, diet and behavioral modification, it works by suppressing appetite. This article will discuss on the uses, advantages and disadvantages, and other important considerations that one should make while deciding to use this drug.


What is Didrex?


This medication falls into a class of drugs called sympathomimetic amine drugs, or more simply put – amphetamines. It helps you lose weight by increasing your heart rate and blood pressure via stimulation of the central nervous system (CNS), thus reducing your hunger pangs. Typically prescribed for severe obesity with inadequate response to dietary measures alone.


How to Use Didrex for Weight Loss


It must be remembered that safe dosage of Didrex can only be done under medical supervision. Usually 1 tablet daily before breakfast or 1-2 hours after breakfast is recommended by most prescribers though consulting may modify dosing regimen based on individual case situations. To get maximum positive results combine its intake with low-calorie foods and regular exercise.


Potential Side Effects of Didrex


In spite of its usefulness in shedding off extra pounds, Didrex has its downsides too. The frequently observed side effects include:

  • Inability to swallow properly
  • Sleeplessness.
  • Unsteadiness.
  • Elevated blood pressure.
  • Heart throb.

On the other hand, if misused in any way there can be severe outcomes such as addiction, withdrawal symptoms and extremely serious heart problems. Also you need to contact an emergency room if the reaction is severe.


Important Considerations Before Taking Didrex


Nonetheless, Didrex is not recommended for all. Consult your doctor regarding your medical history prior to starting this drug especially if you have:

  • Suffered from a heart condition before
  • Hypertension
  • A previous drug dependence or alcoholism record
  • Had thyroid issues previously
  • You have increased eye pressure (narrow angle glaucoma)

While pregnant or breastfeeding women should stay away from this product because it may harm an unborn baby or pass into breast milk even though exposed to only small amounts through occupational exposure. In addition check that you are not allergic to benzphetamine or any of the ingredients listed in Didrex.




If taken responsibly and with proper professional supervision, Didrex can be one of the most powerful weapons against obesity. It must be remembered that realistic expectations have to be maintained, dosage strictly followed and healthier lifestyle embraced throughout for long-term results on weight loss management. Always make sure that you consult a physician before beginning any new medication and/or weight loss program.


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