Drug: Clarinex

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What is Clarinex?


Sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose are just some of the symptoms of allergy that this is a powerful antihistamine called Clarinex scientifically desloratadine. It is a new version of loratadine (Claritin) which has fewer side effects and provides effective relief from allergies. In various forms like tablets, disintegrating tablets and syrup, clarinex is available in the market through prescriptions for both adults and children.


How Does Clarinex Work?


You can trust clarinex to help control these allergies because it just acts by blocking histamine action in the body which causes all allergic signs and symptoms unlike other antihistamines which penetrate brain at significant levels causing drowsiness making one unable to go on with daily activities as usual.


The Benefits of Clarinex for Allergy Sufferers

This gives hope to people who suffer from seasonal allergies or have chronic idiopathic urticarial (unknown cause). Having little sleep due to old antihistamines before and immediate relief of symptoms favour this medicine even more. Its effectiveness lasts up to twenty-four hours hence giving maximum comfort throughout a day.

Understanding the Side Effects

Clarinex may be safe for many users but some will experience fatigue, dry mouth or headaches among others while using it. Additionally, severe allergic reactions to Clarinex may also be experienced in some rare cases. In order to know whether you qualify for clarinex, consult a healthcare provider if you have any of the following issues: liver or kidney disease, pregnancy or are breastfeeding.

Dosage and Administration

The usual adult dose of Clarinex is 5 mg per day while dose for children aged over 12 years should also be the same. Meanwhile, that dosage may vary with age so keep an eye on the doctor’s instructions. Whether with food or not, clarinex should be taken daily at the same time each day in order to maintain a constant drug level in the body.

Comparing Clarinex to Other Antihistamines

This non-sedating nature is key especially when it comes to people who must stay awake during the day and compared with other antihistamines it has been proved effective in treating a wide range of allergic symptoms as many health care providers and patients would rather opt for it than others.


For seasonal allergies and chronic urticaria, Clarinex remains one of the best remedies available today. It provides long-lasting relief but has few side effects because of its unique formulation. Before starting any new drug including clarinex, always notify your doctor first as this information does not cater for individual needs or situations which are unique


-6. This article is meant for knowledge purposes only; thus no medical advice can be obtained from it even though there are implications to consult a physician before applying any medication similar like clarinex.


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