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Discounts on Klonopin
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Klonopin, a brand name drug containing the active ingredient Clonazepam, is usually issued as treatment for panic attacks as well as seizures. The dosage can vary between 0.5 mg, 1 mg and 1.5 mg. The drug is available to customers in the US from retail stores as well as online pharmacies. Since it is a prescription drug, retail store owners will ask for a prescription issued by a registered physician. Online Canadian pharmacy often sell the drug at a much lower rate, after accounting for the large discounts being offered by online sale-sites. If you are a frequent customer, you may also get special offers and rebates from buying through the website.

Online Discounts for Klonopin

Buying Klonopin online offers a variety of choices. You can choose from among multiple portals after reading reviews left by other customers, check the certification issued to each pharmacy and consider all the other factors. After you have combed through the many portals and identified the ones you trust, you can compare the prices offered by each individual pharmacy to determine the most reasonable rates. Once you select a portal and make the order, the discounts and rebates will be made available at the final stage. At this stage, your past buyer's history will determine the discount offered, along with the quantity of purchase. Under the right circumstances, the drug may even be available at a 50% discount.

Also, other types of discounts may also be offered in order to bring in fresh customers while bolstering the support from existing ones. In general, you can be sure that online portal rates for the drug will be less than that of retailers. Price of Klonopin varies according to the dosage. For instance, if you want ninety tablets, you will have to pay between $250 and $276. Similarly, 1 mg sells between $275 and $300, while 2 mg is available in the price range between $320 and $380.

If you have to buy the drug on a regular basis, the most money can be saved by buying online, especially once you take advantage of all the special offers and discounts. Make sure you get the coupon codes that are provided along with the purchase, since these codes will need to be typed in to avail the rebates, which can be for anything between 5% and 50. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can also buy a single tablet instead of an entire strip. If you are ordering in bulk, the cost of a single pill is inversely proportional to the number of tablets. Shipping costs may take up some of the bulk discount, with the result that prices go down and benefit those who buy the pills online. If you're buying online while taking advantage of all the rebates and discounts that are made available on websites, you are going to be better off from an economic sense in the long run, since prolonged use of the drug can take a severe toll on your finances.

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