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Buying medicines online from the USA is a lawful one or not?

The answer for the following two questions only decides it.

  • Is the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has the control over the medicines you are going to   buy? (Please visit complete list at the DEA's website )
  • Do you possess prescription? (Should be prescribed by the physician after a direct health assessment thoroughly)

With prescription ordering:

It is considered as the legible, if you are going to order non-controlled medicines online with an acceptable prescription from the US-based or international online pharmacies.

For buying the controlled substances with a valid prescription over the internet within USA seems to be legal from our (illegally qualified) estimation still it is harder  because within US,  no legitimate online pharmacies are available, to sell the substances controlled under federal  law. On the other hand, ordering for the controlled medicines from other countries than USA is taken as the illegal even with the prescription under the original Controlled Substances Act of 1970 (Go through 21 USC, Section 952).

Without Prescription Ordering:

Ordering of the non-controlled substance over the web without a valid prescription is not considered as the law breaking one if you are going to buy it from US based online pharmacies according to our thought. There are liberal provisions in law if you are ordering medicines from a Canadian pharmacy. But the federal law is pretty relaxed for the pharmacies located outside North America.

Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act govern the importing of the prescription drugs (even non-controlled ones) but according to the law, it is implemented only for the cases in which a single person importation creates risk to public health. Moreover the laws states that the individuals should be allowed only after the execution of the proper caution measures to do the importations under condition if the prescribed drugs or devices does not cause any unwarranted damage to them. (See section J here)

Guidance for FDA mentions: “FDA personnel may use their discretion to allow entry of shipments of violative FDA regulated products when the quantity and purpose are clearly for personal use, and the product does not present an unreasonable risk to the user. Even though all products that appear to be in violation of statues administered by FDA are subject to refusal, FDA personnel may use their discretion to examine the background, risk and purpose of the product before making a final decision. Although FDA may use discretion to allow admission of certain violative items, this should not be interpreted as a license to individuals to bring in such shipments.”(Source: FDA Regulatory Procedures Manual March 2010, Chapter 9 Import Operations And Actions, page 13)

Be clear that the confined definition of what should be a valid prescription has been altered by the law associated with the controlled substances. Consequently it could not considered as the violation of the law if an international online pharmacy gives a prescription as a part of buying process of a non-controlled medicines for you. (Visit  this quite complex legal article)

When you are going to buy controlled substances online without a valid prescription, you should be conscious that it would be illegal in accordance with ‘Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act of 2008’.  It is well explained that what should be and should not considered as the “valid prescription” for the controlled substances by the newly imposed law. By this law, a valid prescription is one which is given by the physician after being exposed to the direct medical assessment. The prescription obtained through the internet or telephone is regarded as the invalid by this law. The law is implemented to focus on the pharmacists only, not to customers and on the trials of the consumers by the Department of Justice’s (DEA) so far, yet you should keep in mind that ordering the controlled substances without a valid prescription over online leads you to law breaking.

What is the way to identify the fake medicines?

There is a simple test that can be made in the home itself to determine the fake medicines. Simply heat a glass of water to bath temperature (100F/37C) and put one of the pills to it and observe whether pill dissolves or not. As the human body temperature is same as that of the bath temperature, the pill must dissolve in hot water fully. But the forger adds substances such as talc, dolomite, anhydrite or gypsum to counterfeited pills so that it can fasten the pill well and these substances never mix with water.

Second test also can be performed in home itself. Here take vinegar and put pill in that. The forged pills sparkle in the vinegar. This sparkling indicates the presence of the calcium carbonate as ‘filler’. Even calcium carbonate is used in the unadulterated pills too as a nontoxic material sometimes to increase the mass of the pill, yet it is frequently used by the fraudulent in the pills as it costs less than starch. (Real medicines use starch as filler regularly)

You can also compare the weight of the different pills of the batch, if you can get the highly sensitive set of scales to measure. If the weight of the pills remains same (within 1%) then it can be treated as the genuine one because the weights of the forged pills of the batch always differ by at least 10%. 

Try the pill identifier tool available on the website freely. Pill Identification Wizard from Enter the shape and color of the pills or the imprint code printed on the pills or capsules. But it is rather an inconsistent way to check for the genuine pills as mostly the counterfeiters finds it easy to enter the correct imprint code on the adulterated pills, yet it can assists in figuring out the unskillful fakes.

Explain the obstacles which are caused by fakes during the purchase of medicines through online?

The top estimation of developed countries about bogus drugs rates 1%. Consider 10 to 50% imitation drugs in developing countries. (Source: Chemical and Engineering News, January 4, 2010 Volume 88, Number 1, pages 27-29)

Various medicines obtained by online are manufactured in emerging nations. Too cyber drugstores appoints “drop shippers" (whole sale concerns get hold the response for delivering the drugs to the consumer in support of drugstores) hence, they have barely influence on the quality of delivered and it is tough to monitor if the drop shippers they have appointed buy inadequate value medicines from china-for example. According to these reasons be cautious on opt to purchase from online pharmacy and to find and correspond with always trustworthy dispensaries through

Memorable points to keep in mind: medicines refer to faux means it is replica of the name of the company mentioned on the box and not term to the absence of active ingredients which should have. Marketing divisions of significant pharmaceutical firms inject fear in the minds of people via numerous propaganda states that the remedies which are bought through online contains rat poison but it is unusual occurrence due to the fake medicines having toxic element (No one have the idea to put poison in the business of manufacturing phony medicine).Generally they will contain surplus or scanty of active components and the remaining portions crowded with filler bodies like calcite or aspirin. According to existing data show that pay for medicine by the way of online is normally harmless whereas they manufactured in developing countries.

Also majority of top rated online pharmacies on promote medicine manufactured by both huge pharmacological groups and well established universal manufacturers Like Reddy’s in India which have quality management similarly with pharmacological concerns ( in fact , for example Dr. Reddy’s collaboration with Glaxo  Smithcline Inc and accordance of agreement  medicine of  Glaxo  Smithcline Inc mass produced in  Dr. Reddy’s laboratories ).

Scams\bogus: Elucidate the regular scams used in opposition to online pharmacy patrons?

Scams not in favor of online clients commonly fall in two types:    

1. Some scammers (exceptional to perfect deliver corps use Western Union) inform the customers pay through Western Union and faulty to deliver the medicines This is a specifically regular spam targeting the customers who purchase the controlled medicines by clicking on links in spam e-mails which they accepted, once our transaction completed the online pharmacy fade away even though they have the website. Another fake is purchasing from the entity that has the only identity of e-mail address, not at all have website, requesting the clients to deposit the money through Western Union. Here, transaction only completed but nothing to be reoccurrence.

2. Utilizing the fear of the folks that belief of illegal to purchase the medicine through online. Yet again this is regularly encounter to the customers who are purchase the restrict drugs. The clients of the criminal online pharmacy receive a phone call instead of order which they already purchased through online click. Mostly they are targeting up to now be US clients. The faulty phone caller introduced himself that call from country’s Claims Office. The forged customs officer warned the online client that they purchased the medicine which is banned and they have been seized, they must pay the penalty through credit card over phone .

Another kind of scam is the scammer announce that the customs officer belongs to the country in which the medicine to be purchased (easy way to deduct the scammer by their bad slang of English and also request only goal as money probably speak attain the money, particularly they belongs to the corrupt conflagration. The foreign customs officer requires money, claiming money for the seized products which are caught through inspection of destined package of United States (or mention the country name which the unfortunate clients lives in). They mesmerize the customers that they will inform to the United States Customs Service about the customers attempt of restrict medicine if they are reject to pay the large amount of money immediately. It is unavoidable for the customs officers who are employed to do these kinds of actions for the online pharmacy from which the customer ordered the substances in the above mentioned cases. Customs officers or the simply those who are employed in the Government never have the guts to ask the cash on the spot itself. Moreover, as per the statements of my post titled, “Buying medicines online from the USA is a lawful one or not?” There is nothing to worry about the prosecution of medicines imported online with a valid prescription for the pharmacy customers. Not much hearing about the trials being offered to the individuals on the account of the controlled medicines importing in the United States and other developed countries. On the other hand these scams have created the thought on people that they have crossed the law by acting on the people’s fear and then made them to prolong the same.

Help the others by spreading the news about these forgeries. Give the guidelines for the people who want to purchase the medicine through online by recommending And if you have a chance to meet or known the victim person who is affected by these scammers, encourage them to illuminate their worst experience along with the criminals of online pharmacy via write to this site will shields many people fall in to this fate.

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