Drug: Meldonium

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What does Meldonium do?


Meldonium, also called Mildronate which is a substance that has been greatly discussed among the medical and sports spheres. Developed in Latvia since the 1970s, Meldonium is mainly for treating heart diseases such as angina and myocardial infarction. It acts by modulating carnitine levels within the body to enhance energy metabolism and blood flow.


Meldonium’s Uses and Advantages


The major area of application of meldonium is treatment of heart-related health conditions. This helps improve their physical performance and endurance by improving oxygen transfer to body tissues among patients with cardiac disorders. Apart from its cardiovascular benefits, Meldonium can also be used to increase cognitive function, reduce physical exhaustion and fatigue or promote recovery from physical exertion.


Meldonium in Sports


Yet for medicinal purposes, Meldonium was banned in 2016 by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). The ban followed reports that it had improved athletic abilities resulting into numerous drug abuse cases among players. Consequently created arguments over its usage with regards to doping.


Legal Issues On Meldonium


Countries differently handle Meldonium legally where some allow it under prescription for proper medication while others have forbidden because it relates to drugs illegal for sportsmen. Within this argument over the use of this drug, many things are noted which bring forth a complex mix up of medical ethics, sports regulations as well as use of PED’s ([Performance Enhancing Drugs]) .




Meldonium is a versatile drug that can be employed in various ways such as treatment of heart disease and even likely enhancement of athletic performance. The benefits it has on cardiac health are well documented however there is still controversy surrounding its use in sports. As Meldonium evolves through research, so does the debate over its moral application which keeps it topical to both medical practitioners and sporting bodies.


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