Drug: Accutane

Accutane Pill
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What is Isotretinoin?


Isotretinoin, popularly known as Accutane, is a very powerful oral medication generally used to treat severe nodular acne that does not react to other methods of treatment. Designed to target oil production at its root cause, Accutane considerably reduces the size and amounts of skin’s sebaceous glands which produce oil.


Merits of Using Accutane


This has a transformative effect on patients with bad acne through the following benefits:

  • Strong Acne Clearance: It is extremely effective for getting rid of severe acne where other treatments have failed.
  • Persistent Results: A lot of patients get long-lasting remission from symptoms after completing a course of Accutane.
  • Better Looking Skin: Reduction in outbreaks can help attain smoother and clearer skin thereby boosting self-assuredness levels.

Probable Side Effects of Using Accutane

In as much as it is highly effective in eliminating severe acne, there are potential side effects such as:

  • Dried up lips, eyes and skin
  • Hypersensitivity to sun rays’
  • Elevated vulnerability to birth defects when taken during pregnancy
  • Affected moods and mental health

Talk to your healthcare provider about these risks before you decide about using this product.


Important Safety Information


Accutane is a powerful medication that requires special precautions:

  • Pregnancy Risk: Avoiding pregnancy while using Accutane and for one month after the end of treatment, as there is a high risk of birth defects. To buy this drug, patients have to be registered in iPledge program.
  • Checking: A patient must see his healthcare provider often to notice any side effects and ensure that the therapy is safe and effective enough.
  • Mental Health: Patients should immediately report any changes in moods or mental health to their providers.


This has brought hope and clear skin to many by revolutionizing how severe acne is treated. However due to its potent nature and possible side effects, it is important for Accutane to be treated with utmost knowledge and care. Always consult your doctor before opting for the use of Accutane.


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