All About Ambien Pills Addiction

Ambien Drug Addiction
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Ambien or Zolpidem (generic name) is used for the treatment of insomnia. It comes in regular tablets, extended release tablets and oral sprays - as well as a variety of its doses. Normally, Ambien pills are prescribed only for short-term treatment. Otherwise, alternative medications and behavioral treatments might be recommended.

Unlike other anti-insomnia medications, Ambien is known to be less habit-forming. However, the likelihood of getting addicted to the drug is still there.

Two Types Of Ambien Pills Addiction

There are two types of Ambien pills addiction - first is induced by an increased dosage and second is recreational. 

Induced By An Increased Dosage Ambien Addiction

This type mostly happens to patients in need of a long term treatment for insomnia. Ambien is not supposedly for long-term treatment, as it is addictive. When it used for a long time, the patient may need to increase the dosage to attain the same effect of the Ambien pills.

Recreational Ambien Pills Addiction

This type, on the other hand, happens to those who are taking Ambien pills without prescription or without the actual need of taking. Its effect brings some sort of high to persons taking the medication recreationally. Unlike the first type, recreational intake of Ambien pills involve inhalation or injection, or even with alcohol - which is very fatal. 

6 Common Signs Of Ambien Addiction

For those who are taking Ambien pills, or those with loved ones who are taking this medication - here are some signs to take heed of in order to prevent Ambien pills addiction: 

  • 1. Difficulty to be asleep despite feeling tired, or when taking the medication at a lower dose
  • 2. Increased insomnia in the absence of medication
  • 3.Aggression or euphoria in the absence of medication 
  • 4. Severe loss of memory particularly regarding daily activities. Some patients, in a high level of addiction, may forget what took place the previous day before taking medication.
  • 5. Forging prescriptions and other desperate means just to get a steady supply of the medication. Most people who are addicted to Ambien pills may get anxious if they are almost running out of supply. 
  • 6. Patient’s forgetfulness about the dosage (e.g. taking another one just after a scheduled dose). 

Some of the above-mentioned signs could be mistaken with the medication’s side effects. In other words, it is difficult to tell whether a patient could be addicted, or just experiencing one of side effects of the medication. It is important for the patient to have constant appointments with the doctor while under treatment, to ensure safety while treating insomnia.

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