Drug: Nicotinell

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At this moment in time, millions of people from all around the world are addicted to smoking. The health issues associated with the habit are well-known, with hundreds of thousands of deaths happening every year, because of smoking-induced diseases. Due to the way that nicotine works, kicking the habit can turn out to be quite difficult. In fact, only a small percentage of people who decide to quit smoking actually succeed in their endeavour. Because of this, there are various medicines which can be used in order to replicate the pleasant effect of smoking, minus the health risks, while also helping smokers quit the habit once and for all. One such example is Nicotinell, which is a package of nicotine patches that work by relieving and preventing cigarette cravings, alongside with the nicotine withdrawal symptoms that are often associated with tobacco addiction. Nicotine patches are best indicated for smokers who have tried other quitting methods and have failed. Nicotinell can be used in combination with a behavioural support programme, to help smokers never light up again.


What should patients know prior to starting a treatment with Nicotinell?

While the nicotine patches can be extremely helpful when it comes down to mitigating the cravings and withdrawal symptoms, they are also dangerous, as by applying them incorrectly, they may not fulfil their effect as advertised, but may also increase the body’s nicotine dependence. Based on this, it’s also important to consult a doctor and behavioural analyst prior to starting a treatment, in order to make sure that this is the best solution for you.


How are the patches applied, what is the recommended dosage, and how long are the treatments?

The dosage needed mostly depends on how high the addiction is. For example, individuals smoking more than a pack a day will need to start with a stronger patch, whereas those who smoke less may also use a weaker patch. The medicine is applied directly on a dry area of the skin which lacks hair, either on the trunk or on the upper arm. The treatment periods are generally of 3-4 weeks, but these can be either longer or shorter, depending on the evolution of the patient during the treatment, alongside with the state of their addiction.

Due to the nature of the medicine, there is a potential for abuse or dependence, which is why patients should never give the medicine to someone else, or attempt to wear multiple nicotine patches. Additionally, there are also a couple of precautions worth keeping in mind: firstly, it is important to quit smoking cold turkey, once a nicotine replacement treatment is started. Additionally, those with allergic reactions, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other similar conditions are advised to be extra careful when using the patches.

What are the side effects associated with this medicine?

Some of the most common ones may include occasional withdrawal symptoms alongside with irritation on the area where it has been applied, tiredness and more.

At this moment in time, Nicotinell can be purchased for a good price, from most online and local authorized pharmacies.

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