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Quitting smoking is a journey full of challenges but is doable when one has all the necessary guidance and tools. There are millions of smokers who would want to quit smoking and Nicotinell offers them a ray of hope in this regard. This guide gives an insight on what Nicotinell is, how it works and why it may be the answer to your successful journey towards quitting smoking.


What is Nicotinell?


Nicotinell refers to a brand of products that help people quit smoking by giving controlled amounts of nicotine into their systems without tobacco smoke which causes harm. The range includes patches, gum and lozenges each designed to reduce withdrawal symptoms and nicotine cravings making it easier to transition from smoking.


How Does Nicotinell Work?


Nicotinell products operate through administration of small constant doses of nicotine into the body helping during withdrawal symptom relief as well as reduction in craving. Unlike cigarette smoke, there are no tar, carbon monoxide or other harmful chemicals present in Nicotinell. This type of nicotine replacement therapy assists in gradually reducing dependency on nicotine thereby facilitating successful quitting.


The Benefits of Using Nicotinell

  • Reduces Withdrawal Symptoms: With regards physical withdrawal symptoms experienced after one stops using tobacco, such as irritability, mood swings and intense urge for cigarettes; Nicotinell helps managing them.
  • Flexible Options: To suit users’ needs and lifestyle preferences, different forms of NRT exist under which they can choose.
  • Improves Quit Success Rates: A study conducted on individuals who use nicotine replacement therapies such as Nicotinell has revealed that they are twice more likely to stop smoking than those who attempt it unaided.

Choosing the Right Nicotinell Product for You


The correct Nicotinell product will depend upon how you smoke, how much nicotine you need and what you personally like. The patch gives a continuous delivery of nicotine over 24 hours, whilst the gum or lozenges allow greater flexibility depending on the amount of time and use in a day’s time.


How to Use Nicotinell Effectively


In order to get the best results with Nicotinell, it should be used together with healthcare professional support, friends and family as part of an overall quit-smoking programme. Check instructions printed on the pack carefully and combine different forms of NRT if one type alone does not work for you. Remember that your objective is reducing reliance on nicotine gradually until you no longer need it.




Cessation of smoking isn’t an easy task but far from impossible. With Nicotinell by your side plus a good support network, it’s possible to make big strides towards a healthier life which is no longer affected by tobacco smoke. Should you be considering using this product while trying to quit smoking, find out from your doctor whether it would be suitable for you or not.

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