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Percodan Pill
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Percodan is a drug formulated by a compound of aspirin and of oxycodone HCl . It is a narcotic pain reliever widely used across the globe to treat mild to severe kinds of chronic pains surgical pains, fever, and inflammation and other aches in the body.

With an extended usage of Percodan for a longer span of time, the patients commonly become addicted to it and their body is affected badly. The human body becomes susceptible to certain conditions. They show anxiety, hallucination, cold, diarrhoea, loss in appetite, symptoms of poor nutrition, very limited or no physical activities and exercises, insomnia or interrupted patters of sleeps and a disrupted immune system. The drug is better to be avoided for the patients who are intolerant to aspirin or oxycodone or similar kinds of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Percodan causes severe damages to the brain, heart, and lungs if overdosed or to the allergic persons.

Aspirin intoxication can cause serious harm to the kidneys and liver. Aspirin is batter to be avoided from the children or teenagers suffering from fever along with chicken pox and similar flu signs and symptoms. It can cause serious fatal condition popularly known as Reye's syndrome to the children. Patients having bleeding or blood clotting disorder such as haemophilia must also avoid Percodan. Patients suffering from diseases like asthma, asthma or other respiratory problems, liver, kidney stomach, pancreas or intestinal disorders, a record of injury or accident in the head, or brain tumor, epilepsy or similar problems, stomach ulcers or bleedings, curvature of the spine, mental disorder or any kind of past experiences of drug or alcohol addiction must discuss with the physician properly if a dose is recommended and self-medication should also be avoided unless diagnosed by the doctor.

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