Drug: Erythromycin

Erythromycin Pill
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Erythromycin is a commonly used drug because of its action against various kinds of bacterial infections. This is an antibiotic and is classified as a macrolide antibiotic. The function of this drug is to make the various bacteria to stop growing. Since it is an antibiotic, it functions only against bacterial infections and is ineffective against any viral infections. One important factor that should be remembered about this drug is that rampant use of this against various infections can cause the drug to become ineffective later on.

The drug Erythromycin is very effective when it is consumed when the person is on an empty stomach. This is because the absorption of the drug is complete only when the person has no food in the stomach. Decreased digestion is one of the conditions that can also be treated by this drug. One of the common side effects that occur in the person who consumes this drug is nausea. To avoid this effect, many people have found it to be effective to swallow the drug along with milk or eat food after using this drug.

Erythromycin should be consumed only when it has been prescribed by a physician. This is because unnecessary use of the drug can lead to resistance formation in the body for the drug. So, it will not be effective against any other infections, though they are bacterial in nature. The right dose will be prescribed by the physician because the dose that a person can take varies with the weight and the age of the person. It also depends on the disease or infection that you are suffering from. Overdose, consuming less dose that needed and also stopping to take the drug prematurely can adversely affect the person. So, a lot of care should be taken when using the drug to treat a disease.

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