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People all over the world are getting health conscious and as a result wanting to lose excess weight. But in order to lose weight they are trying different methods which are proving to useless and in some cases even harmful. If you have tried many products and want to try Lortab next then you must read the next article.

Many people are trying Lortab for weight loss but frankly speaking they are ending up in trouble. This is because it is not a medicine taken for the purpose of weight loss but weight loss is only a side effect that it produces. Weight loss as a side effect is not good at all. Lortab is actually a hydrocone which acts as a narcotic. You may get seriously addicted to this drug and once addicted it is very difficult to leave. If you stop the drug intake suddenly get severe side effects like headaches and nausea.

Doctors generally do not prescribe this drug as a weight loss medication as it is basically a pain relief drug. But this pain relief drug is also not recommended by doctors if it is not absolutely necessary. You should not take Lortab on your own but if you are taking it then you should remain under the consultation of the doctor so that he can control the dosage and make sure that you are all right.

If you judge the side effects that are produced by Lortab then you will understand that it is not worth as a weight loss drug since it harms more than it gives. There are many weight loss products available in the market which are harmless and meant solely for losing weight. You can try out those to lose weight efficiently and effectively.

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