Drug: Astelin

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Allergic rhinitis causes unpleasant symptoms: stuffy nose, sneezing, itching in the nose, and many others. The symptoms of the allergic rhinitis can be caused by pollen, house dust, and other allergens, and therefore you cannot be protected by 100% against allergy.

The modern antiallergic medicine Astelin will not save you from allergy, but it will help to quickly and easily defeat all symptoms of the allergic rhinitis. Astelin can be bought in the online pharmacy, at any time.

What is Astelin?

Astelin is an antihistamine medicine which contains the active ingredient Azelastine. It is a selective inhibitor H1 of the histamine receptors which does not provide the action to the cardiovascular system and central nervous system.

Astelin blocks the production of the chemical ingredients in the body which take part in the development of the allergic reaction if allergen appears in the body. The pharmacological action of the medicine is started quickly by means of the convenient medical form – a nasal spray.

After the introduction of the nasal spray Astelin, the active ingredient Azelastine quickly penetrates into the blood capillaries of the vessels and provides anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect.

The advantage of Astelin is a prolonged action (within 12 hours) and a quick reduction of the symptoms of the allergic rhinitis (within 15-30 minutes after the application).
Directions for the use of Astelin

Astelin is prescribed for the symptomatic treatment and prophylaxis of the seasonal and chronic allergic rhinitis. It prevents the appearance of the inflammation, sneezing, edema of the nasal mucosa, itching in the nose, and it even helps in the treatment of the allergic conjunctivitis.

The recent medical studies have proved the efficiency of Astelin in the treatment of the allergic conjunctivitis in combination with Azelastine eye drops.

Who is contraindicated to take Astelin?

Astelin is not recommended during pregnancy (even though the systemic action of Astelin is not noticed). Using the nasal spray during lactation, there is a necessity to refuse from the breast feeding.

The nasal spray Astelin is not recommended children under 6 years and patients with increased sensitivity to the active ingredient Azelastin.

How to take Astelin?

If Astelin is prescribed by the attending doctor, ask him about how and in what dose this medicine is taken to arrest the allergy symptoms. If you did not receive individual recommendations, use nasal spray Astelin in accordance with the instruction for the use.

Astelin is sprayed in one dose into each nostril two times per day (every 12 hours). The daily dose of Azelastin is 0,56 mg.

In case of the acute condition of the seasonal allergic rhinitis (especially during blooming of plants), it is allowed to increase the frequency of the application up to 3 times per day (Astelin is sprayed in one dose into each nostril every 8 hours).

The duration of the treatment of the allergic rhinitis with Astelin should not exceed 6 months at a run.

Possible side effects

The side effects are hardly probable during the use of Astelin spray in the therapeutic doses. A patient sometimes can have a nasal bleeding, sneezing, or irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose.

In case of the overdose, Azelastine can reach the airway tracts and cause bronchospasms.

Buy Astelin online

Astelin spray can be bought in any city pharmacy by a prescription. But buying Astelin in the city pharmacy, you can be surprised by the high cost of this medicine. The owners of the pharmacy chains often indicate the trade price markups in order to cover the expenses at the import of Astelin.

You will not pay for the trade markups while buying Astelin online. You can buy Astelin at the cost of the manufacturer, by 2-3 time cheaper in the online pharmacy than in the pharmacies of your city.

In order to buy Astelin online, you do not have to see a doctor and take a prescription. You can go to the site of the pharmacy at any time, and select the needed number of the packs with the nasal spray and order the shipment of the cheap Astelin to your house.

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