Drug: Kamagra Jelly

Kamagra Jelly Gel
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Kamagra jelly is the pioneer of Sildenafil jelly in the world. It is available in form of an oral lozenge, and is used for erectile functions in male. The main constituent of this medicine is the sidenafil citrate salt which can be found in other erection enhancing medicines too. Its liquid form helps to dissolve quickly and starts acting much faster than other conventional tablets. It acts by the inhibiting phosphodiesterase-5. However, the enhancement in erection will not be done only by taking Kamagra jelly, but it helps a person to have an erection when he is sexually enthused. It also maintains the erection longer in times of sexual activities.

This medicine is not an exception of side effecting ones. Therefore confer with your doctor before using it. It is not appropriate for those men who are having diabetes, liver or kidney problems. Some serious complicated situation may occur if it is taken by someone having cardiovascular disease. Partial or full vision loss can happen due to the activities of its primary ingredient sidenafil citrate. Common side effects of this jelly include stomach upset, diarrhea and headache which depart simply after some time. You should take medical admonitions and precautions if you have heartburn, stuffy nose or flushing after the consumption of Kamagra jelly.

Keep in mind that it usually takes fifteen minutes to start the action and the effect of erectile function lasts nearly four hours. It has the benefit of working faster than tablets as it is an orally taken jelly. But because of the quick absorption, one should be conscious about an overdose. Do not take more than 100 mg Kamagra jelly within a day. According to the doctors, it is better not to take it every day. A recent survey declares that more than 79% men got better erectile function after taking this drug. The efficiency is also proved by clinical studies.

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