Battle between Branded and Generics Medications

This article would be very informative for those who are not sure about the difference between branded and generic medicines. There are more persons who lack adequate knowledge about this concept than those who know about it. Every person has to purchase medicines some times. One has to do so for oneself or someone else. However, generally, they do not have adequate knowledge about the difference branded and generics. It is essential for every consumer to have required understanding of differences between Generics and the Branded medicines.


One should know what these branded and generic drugs are. Branded drugs are medications, which have a patent name and sell these medicines under their logo. This trade name can not be used by others since it has one unique trade name. The Generic drugs are the medication which may not have brand value but contain same active which you will find with similar branded drugs containing same active drug. Both branded and generic drug which contain same drug chemical may act on the same basis. However, lack a recognized patent and logo. People know them with their chemical name.

Distinction between these two

Now you know what they are and probably wishing to know about differences between them. It will be very helpful go distinguish them and take action. Generics drugs are better known by their drug chemical while branded ones are known by their advertising and promotion activities. There is a less probabilities of advertisement published by manufacturers of Generics. Branded drugs are generally associated with advertisement campaign, unique brand ambassador, distinct packaging and more.

Reason behind the difference

Brand name and price is the main difference between branded and generic drugs. The expenses other than manufacturing expenses are much more for branded drugs than those of the Generics. This might be owing to the differences in their strategies. Generics are believed to deal in content of medicine while branded ones are marketed as a commercial activity. Branded drugs are marketed by advertising for commercial purposes while the generics believe selling their product at the economic level of prices.

Why Generic Medication is preferable?

One will obviously prefer branded products when it is time to purchase a luxury product. However, this rule may not work for purchase of medicines. You can prefer to choose a generic name as it is not related to status but is essential to satisfy the necessity for medication.

Generic drugs are generally available at comfortable prices as compared to branded ones. One has to pay for the excessive amount spent for research and development on buying branded drugs. Their packaging and advertising campaign make them pleasing. However, prices of these may not be attractive since you may have to spend more. They are costlier for both buyer and manufacturers, since they include huge advertising expenses.

Growing population and ever rising population are the causes which trigger higher prices for drugs. One has to take medicines when required and choosing a medicine is very crucial, especially when one has to buy long-term medications, which have to be consumed regularly. Basic medicines are necessities for a man, and they have to be consumed for better living and long survival. It is not easy for all people to but expensive branded drugs, since they might be out of their economic reach. Generic drugs are preferred and consumed by people due to lower price and similar action, after all it is a benefit of medicine, which matters not the name.

Generic Medications - Trustworthy

Generic drugs are the foremost medicines which were there at beginning of pharmacy industry and are continuously being added. These drugs are tested by millions in a long time, many years, so are the most preferred medications. They are known for action and have acquired goodwill in many years. It is a trust factor which makes their consumers loyal.

Many branded drugs are introduced in pharmaceutical industry every year. They are introduced after long series of testing. However, generics are preferable, since they have been tested with real consumers for long time. There is no doubt about the authenticity of generic medicines. You might be cheated by buying a duplicate version of branded drugs when you about to purchase branded one. This is a major reason for preference of generic version of medicines since generic will provide what you need.

Generic Medications, Online Availability

Generic medicines are also available online like other goods. It is a better place for consumers to buy generic medications. This option of buying offers easy price comparison. One can also avail good money using good discount offers for bulk purchases while buying medicines online. There is great demand for Generic drugs due to this reason.

You will find the same drug chemical with every similar medicine either it branded or generic. You can get generic for almost all medicines online. For example, in case of Viagra, it is only price and patent for the name which is the distinction between the Generic and the Branded. However, the active drug chemical is same, Sildenafil Citrate.

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