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Valtrex plays the role of an anti-viral drug - which is known to slow the growth of herpes as it spreads and help improve your body’s fight against the infection. Whilst Valtrex is not meant to cure herpes, it will help reduce the symptoms of the infection.

Some of the medical conditions caused by herpes virus include cold sores, genital herpes, chickenpox and shingles. Valtrex is a medication that can be used to treat herpes for both adults and children. For children, Valtrex can be used to treat cold sores - only if they are above the age of twelve. Meanwhile, for children with chickenpox - Valtrex is recommended for those over the age of two years.

Know More About How Valtrex Works

Valtrex is known to start working within twenty four hours of taking the first tablet. It has been proven to lessen the severity of any outbreak in this duration. When Valtrex is used, not only will the outbreak be controlled - but also the pain that comes with herpes outbreak will be lessened.

Though Valtrex is normally purchased for cold sores and shingles, it however also an effective form of treatment for genital herpes. By doing so, the risk of your partner catching genital herpes can also be reduced. Generally, the severity of an outbreak can be reduced within three days of taking Valtrex.

What To Take Note Before Taking Valtrex

Before you start taking Valtrex, let your doctor know if you have certain medical conditions such as kidney disease, weak immune system, bone marrow transplant or HIV/AIDS. Also, inform your health care provider about any over the counter medication you may be taking - since the Valtrex dosage needs to be adjusted when combined with other medications.

If you are pregnant and you need to take Valtrex, you may safely do so as Valtrex is considered to be safe during pregnancy. In fact, it has been assigned as the category B medication. However, the exact safety of Valtrex during pregnancy has not been clinically proven, so the complete risks are not yet known. Women who are thinking of getting pregnant or already pregnant must discuss if the benefits of taking Valtrex far outweigh any risks to the developing baby.

How To Take Valtrex Properly

Valtrex is a prescription-only drug. Similar to other prescription-only drugs, you should take Valtrex exactly as it is prescribed by your health care provider.

The recommended dosage for Valtrex is two tablets daily. In case you miss a regular dose of Valtrex, make certain you do not double the dose. Instead, wait until the scheduled time for the next dosage then continue with the regular intake of Valtrex.

This medication works well on a full stomach. 

Find Out The Common Valtrex Side Effects

It is important to note that most patients on Valtrex medication complete their course without experiencing side effects of any kind. When they do occur, however, they can become bothersome to the individual. Valtrex can bring on certain side effects in some patients, and some of these side effects include:

- Fever

- Bruising

- Bleeding

- Bloody diarrhea

- Vomiting

- Pale skin

- Weakness

- Fainting

- Red spots on skin

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