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Levaquin is an antibiotic which is used to treat many ailments. Though it is a very powerful drug it may produce severe side effects. That is why on the cover of the box a warning is given from FDA that it may produce side effects. The side effects can be painful, permanent and destructive. So if you are prescribed the drug by any doctor then it is better to know about it thoroughly first.

Levaquin belongs to the Quinolone family of antibiotics that also includes Avolex and Cipro. It is more heard of than the other two because of its dangerous side effects. There are a total of nine drugs in the Quinolone family which were approved by FDA but were pulled back from the market because of its unacceptable levels of side effects. The side effects shown by this drug can vary from person to person. The symptoms as a result may differ a lot. Some people face mild side effects while some face severe damages. It has been seen that people who take this drug face either temporary damage which gets better within a year or they may even face permanent damage that is uncurable.

The side effect that is most produced by Levaquin is Achilles tendon rupture. This side effect can be seen even if you take only one dose of the drug. You can take a single dose and you may suffer from cramping, stiffness and pain and end up in rupture of the Achilles tendon. This antibiotic draws magnesium from the body which causes cramping, spasms and anxiety. It may also end up damaging the mitochondria which is responsible for the energy manufacturing of cells. This is the reason how the tendon cells starve and die and the tendons rupture. It can also damage the DNA of connective tissues.

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