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Vermox is a medication that is provided to patients who suffer from various kinds of infections. The common infections that can be treated with this drug include those that are caused by the whipworm, the round worm, hook worm and also the pin worm. These are different kinds of worms that can cause severe and varied infections in their host, the humans.

The drug is classified as an antihelmintic, which means that it is used in the treatment of infections that are caused because of worm infestation. There are also other related advices that are provided to the patient and these should be followed. The cleaning of clothes is very important as is the personal hygiene that is maintained by the individual. These kinds of precautions are done to prevent the infection from spreading from one person to another.

Vermox is a drug that is effective only if the above mentioned methods of hygiene are maintained. This drug is available in the tablet form and they are consumed by either swallowing them or they can also be consumed after they are crushed and added to the food. This is also available in a chewable form. So, this makes it easy to use for people of any age groups.

Since this drug could cause harm to kids, it should not be consumed by a pregnant woman. Even a mother who is breast feeding a baby should take appropriate care while using this drug as it could affect the child. So, adequate advice from the physician should be taken before using this drug. It should also not be given to kids who are less than 2 years of age because of possible side effects. The right dose should be confirmed with the physician before using it. The Vermox tablets can be used to treat one or more worm infections at the same time.

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