Drug: Strattera

Strattera Pill
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One of the most common uses of Strattera is for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders. It appears to work by restoring the proper balance of natural chemicals that are found in the brain. It helps the patient be able to pay attention, focus and concentrate better. It can also help to stop fidgeting in many patients.

There have been a few people who have taken Strattera who have experience the symptoms of ADHD getting worse instead of better. This is not a real common occurrence, but it does happen. Some have also had very dramatic mood changes and others have had thoughts or attempts of suicide.  If you start taking the medication and notice any major changes in mood, sleep habits or emotions it is very important to contact the doctor immediately. These adverse symptoms usually occur, if they occur at all, when you first begin the medication or when the dosage is changed. Be sure to take the medication only in the dosage prescribed by the physician. Do not increase or decrease it without his advice.

There are a few side effects experienced by some of the people who have taken Strattera. Some have had stomach problems such as nausea, vomiting or loss of appetite. Others have said that they experienced a dry mouth, fatigue, constipation of dizziness. Others have had mood swings or trouble sleeping. There are also some very rare but possible adverse side effects associated with taking this medication. A few have said that they experienced weight loss, drastic changes in sexual habits, irregular heartbeat or fainting. It has caused heart attack or stroke, but it has been extremely rare cases of such. Liver problems are possible as well. Always inform your doctor of any major changes that occur in your body when you begin taking this and other prescription medications.

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