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Brand name of the product Stilnox is zolpidem. In different countries the trade or brand name is different according to the manufacturers. Stilnox is actually in a class of drugs called sedative or hypnotics or sleep medications. It has an effect on chemicals in your brain that may turn into lopsided and cause insomnia. It is actually helpful in relaxation by persuading sleep. Many people experience some disorders in sleeping, like trouble in falling asleep, waking up numerous times in night or waking up untimely in the morning. Keep in mind that it is a short term medication. It should not be taken more than 10 days consecutively.

If you want a long term medication, you should consult your doctor. One ought to discuss the issue with health provider if the person has any kind of kidney disease or any sort of liver disease. Having asthma, emphysema, bronchitis or any other respiratory problems and suicidal thoughts is not expected for the intake of Stilnox. A dosage adjustment or constant monitoring is needed if you have any of these problems. You must not consume this if you are pregnant as this is harmful for an unborn baby. People of age more than sixty may experience side effects much more than the younger ones. Headache, dizziness, depressions, muscle pains or allergic reactions are the most potential side effects.

Before taking this medicine, consult to your doctor and follow thoroughly the instructions given. It is mandatory to take this with a full glass of water and take it just prior to go to bed as it will make you drowsy a bit. You need a full night sleep, so take this only if you are able to have the full night sleep. Do not stop taking this medicine abruptly, as this will harm your system. Make sure that you are not skipping any dose and you are avoiding any overdose. Take this medicine correctly 1 to 2 weeks to get rid of sleeping disorder.

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