Drug: Femara

Femara Pill
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The generic name of Femara is letrozole. It is a well known hormone therapy and is classifies as an aromatase inhibitor. It is used to cure estrogen receptor positive or metastatic breast cancer. It is advised only for women whose menstrual periods have stopped. It is only used as first-line therapy.

Femara can be used to treat progressive breast cancer in women whose periods have been stopped and whose disease has grown shoddier after anti-estrogen therapy.

The drug is available in the form of a pill in market and intake is suggested by mouth. It is suggested that the pill should be taken at the same time of the day everyday. One can take Femara with or without food. Taking double dose the next day after missing a dose is not at all advisable. Also you should never stop the intake of the drug without consulting your doctor. It is your doctor or physician who will determine the dose and the intake period of the drug.

Like every other medicine even Femara has few side-effects. Basically all the side-effects are reversible and can be treated with proper medication. There are also few options to reduce or prevent the side-effects of the drug. Few side-effects that are experienced by the patients are back ache, joint ache, coughing, shortness of breadth, hot flashes etc. The side effects that require medical attention are nausea, extreme fatigue and pain that are constant even after medication.

There are few precautions also that you must take before using Femara. Make sure you inform your doctor about other medications that you take. It is important to inform the doctor if you are pregnant or not before taking the drug. It is not advisable to breast feed while going under this treatment. 

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