Drug: Albenza

Albenza Pill
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Albenza is also known as albendazole. This drug is used to treat a certain type of tapeworm infection. The medicine can be taken orally with food. It is advised to take one to two times everyday or as directed by doctor. If you have problem in swallowing the tablet then you can crush it or chew it with water. The prescribed dose depends upon the patient’s weight, medical condition and body’s response to the treatment. The medicine must be taken just the way it is prescribed by the doctors. One must continue this medicine until the prescribed dose is completely over as discontinuing it before the expected time period may result in relapse of the infection.

Some of the side effects caused by Albenza are nausea, vomiting, abdominal ache, headache etc. If the side effects get worse then it is important to notify your doctor about it and take appropriate medication to get rid of it. It is also important to update your doctor if you develop any allergic reaction due to the medicine as it may contain a couple of inactive ingredients which may later become the cause of allergic reactions. You must talk to the doctor openly about this medicine to know more about it. You must not forget to inform your doctor about you previous medical conditions especially of any liver, biliary tract or bone disorders.

Albenza may cause liver problems. Since alcohol increases the risk of liver disorder one must limit the consumption of alcohol while undergoing this medication. During pregnancy this medicine should be taken only in cases of emergency. It is better to consult a doctor before breast feeding. Never start or stop or change the dosage of the medicine without consulting a doctor. If you ever miss a dose then it is better to take it as soon as you remember it. If you remember it close to the next dose then do not bother to take it and double the dose to draw level. 

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