Drug: Thorazine

Thorazine Pill
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Thorazine is originated from the name chlorpromazine which is generally used for paranoia and hallucination. Sometimes it is recommended to treat schizophrenia, a critical mental disorder which makes the patient behave abnormally in normal situation. But we have to take some precautions during this medication. For example a patient affected with jaundice or some other liver diseases need to be very careful while using the particular medicine. Moreover we cannot ignore some side effects of the drug of which the intensity in patients is quite visible with some negative symptoms like sore throat, fever with grippe symptoms, hematological disorders etc.

Most of the cases to get infected have been reported between the fourth and tenth weeks of therapy. That’s why patients should be given proper attention and special care to prevent from the infection. Little suppression of white blood cells does not mean that treatment should be stopped. Only the symptoms described above will determine whether to stop treatment or moderate it. We can see other types of adverse effects like cardiovascular, neuromuscular reactions, Dystopias, Motor restlessness, Pseudo Parkinsonism, Tardive Dyskinesia.Thorazine also leads to adverse Behavioral Effects — Psychotic symptoms and catatonic-like states. Avoid undue exposure to sun. More severe reactions, including exfoliative dermatitis, have been reported occasionally.

There are also instances of sexual problems like delayed ejaculation, impotence found in men using this drug .If this kind of sexual side effect occurs it is of paramount importance that we should immediately take advice from our doctors or health care providers. Thus prevention is highly advisable if patients are developing some side effects mentioned above or we should use some alternative medicine by proper consultation with doctors.

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