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Sumycin also known as tetracycline is used to medicate various types of infection including problems like acne. This medicine is an antibiotic that works in our body by putting a bar on the growth of the harmful bacteria. This particular antibiotic can medicate only bacterial infections and does not help in the case of viral infections. Needless use or overuse of this drug can lead to decreased effectiveness of the drug.

Sumycin works at its best when it is taken without food, probably one or two hours after having meals. If you face the problem of stomach upset then do consult your doctor to know if you can have the medicine with food. You must take each dose with a glass full of water unless your healthcare provider suggests you another way. It strictly prohibited to lie down or fall asleep for half an hour after taking the drug. So never take this medicine before bed time. You must take this medication before or after 2-3 hours of having any product which contains magnesium, aluminum and calcium. Follow the same instruction even for dairy products. You must also know that the prescribed dose depends on a patient’s medical condition and response to therapy and so one should never try to change the dosage without consulting a doctor or a pharmacist. Also you must finish the entire prescribed dosage as stopping it early may result in the return of the bacterial infection.

As all other medicines have some side effects of their own even Sumycin has got a few side effects of its own. Some of its common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, sore mouth, headache, stomach upset, drowsiness etc. If any of these side effects remain for a long time or get worse then you should immediately consult your doctor. Many patients do not experience these problems and bare the medicine quite well. Few side effects which are considered to be serious are muscle pain, sunburn, color change of the nails, difficulty in swallowing food, change in the amount of urine. These typical problems should be given proper attention or it can prove fatal if left unnoticed for a long time.

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