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Zyban is one of the best prescribed drugs that help to quit smoking habit. It is completely free of nicotine and thus helps to reduce craving for nicotine. It has provided best results till now. Doctors usually prescribe this drug without any hesitation. Its components include bupropion hydrochloride, which is good enough to treat depression.  

Through many experienced patients it has been confirmed that Zyban is very powerful to cure smoking habit. Its results are unbelievable and highly effective. Although many patients also bear some side effects but gradually they start getting positive signs in their health.

Some of these side effects include psychological imbalance, suicidal thoughts, anxiety etc. In such case it is suggested to avoid loneliness and taking doctor’s observation. Many patients have stopped taking this medication because of these side effects.

Zyban is a popular source to eliminate smoking habit but every rose has a thorn, similarly this medication also has pros and con. Advantage of this drug is that, it is nicotine free and will stop craving for nicotine within few dosage. It could be a good option for nicotine replacement therapies. If patient has good will power it could come up as boon for him.

On the other hand it is not suitable for all type of smokers. Those who are suffering from high blood pressure should never take Zyban. If someone is having eating disorder than also it is not suitable. Pregnant ladies and mother of infants should also avoid this medication.

Taking Zyban is not so difficult. Patient should never take more than prescribed dose. Actually 300 mg is a dead line for taking this tablet. Another important part that should keep in mind is that, this tablet should be taken orally; neither chewing nor crushing should be done with it. It should be taken under proper observation and complete dedication.

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