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Lunesta Pill
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Lunesta (Eszopiclone) is a prescription medication widely known for treating insomnia.  Millions of people are affected by insomnia, which is characterized by difficulty falling asleep or remaining asleep thereby affecting the quality of their lives considerably.

Uses of Lunesta

This medicine is mostly used as a short-term treatment for sleeplessness. It aids in making patients fall asleep more quickly and staying asleep longer leading to a sound night’s rest. Though it helps one get enough sleep, Lunesta should be taken for a short duration ranging from one to two weeks.

Side Effects of Lunesta

Like any other drug, taking Lunesta has its side effect including:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Cephalalgia
  • Nausea feeling sick or vomiting.
  • Cottonmouths
  • Bitter taste; etc.

Other less frequent but serious side effects are:

  • Mental lapses.
  • Alteration in conduct.
  • Increase in depression.
  • Suicidal thoughts.

In case you experience severe or worrying side effects, immediately inform your healthcare provider about it.


Dosage and Administration

Lunesta adult initiation doses stand at 1 mg just before retiring to bed. Subject to response and tolerability levels of an individual patient, these figures can be adjusted upwards by the prescriber. However, this maximum recommendation from the manufacturer for the daily dose using Lunesta must not exceed 3 mg in each case. Therefore to avoid untoward effects and tolerance, it is vital to follow the dosage instructions of your doctor accurately.

Precautions and Safety Information

Prior to taking Lunesta, consult your healthcare provider about your medical history and all medications that you are currently using. There can be drug interactions between Lunesta and other medicines which can lead to unfavorable consequences. Don’t drink alcohol while taking Lunesta because this may increase the sedative effect and risk of side effects.

It should never be taken by those with a past history of drug addiction or alcoholism, severe liver damage or allergy to eszopiclone or any component in the product. In case one is expectant, breast-feeding or planning on starting a family she must have a word with her physician before consuming Lunesta.

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