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Nolvadex Pill
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Nolvadex also known as Tamoxifen - is used to block oestrogen hormone effects in one’s body. It is mainly used for treatment of breast cancer in both men and women. This may also be used for the treatment of other types of cancers as prescribed by your doctor.

The following are specific cancers, in which Nolvadex is taken as a treatment:

- Breast cancer and neo adjuvant treatment in postmenopausal women for home receptor positive disease

- Cancer in the endometrium (the uterus lining)

- Skin cancer or malignant melanoma

It is best though to let your doctor determine your condition - or if you’re lucky, find out the chances of your developing breast cancer in the next five years. It is important for you to know some common risk factors that could lead to a greater risk of developing breast cancer. Below are some to mention:

- If close family members like your mother, siblings or daughter have breast cancer

- If you have taken a breast biopsy or if your breast biopsy has indicated high risk changes

- If you became pregnant at a late stage in life, or never been pregnant

- If you got your first menstrual period at a young age

Another advantage that come with using Nolvadex is that it does not work as a mere breast cancer treatment, but also can also be used to reduce the risk of any developing cancers in the breast. Women who are at high risk of developing breast cancer and more so to those who are at the age of 35 years. It is not exactly known how Nolvadex works against cancer. However, what is known is that the oestrogen hormone effects are blocked by Tamoxifen in your body.

Nolvadex Dosage And Recommendation

Nolvadex can be purchased upon a doctor’s prescription. Before you start on this medication, it is ideal that you talk to your health care provider about the benefits and risks of taking this drug.

The dosage will differ from patient to patient. Individuals must follow their doctor’s recommendations or the directions given by the pharmacy. In case your dose is different, you must first inform your doctor before changing it. The following is an average dosage when taking this medication in tablet form:

- For men and women with breast cancer (adults), 20-40 milligrammes must be taken daily

- For reducing breast cancer risk in women for five years (adults), 20 milligrammes are normally taken.

- For child patients, the dose will be determined by your health care provider.

Other Medical Conditions You Must Be Aware About

If you have other medical problems you must make certain to tell your doctor - especially if it related to blood problems, cataract, high cholesterol levels, history of blood clots, stroke, history of pulmonary embolism or uterine (womb) cancer.

Certain medications when mixed with tobacco, alcohol or food can result in adverse reactions. Also, using tobacco or alcohol can result in adverse interaction with your medication. Patients who are regular smokers and drinkers must discuss with their health care provider the use of certain foods, alcohol or tobacco.

The Common Side Effects Of Nolvadex You Should Know

Nolvadex will cause adverse reactions in certain individuals. However, most people taking this medication will not experience any side effects.

- Change in vaginal discharge

- Change in vision

- Menstrual irregularities

- Pelvic pain, pelvic pressure

- Sudden chest pain

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