Drug: Anacin

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Anacin represents a popular medicine that is made up of aspirin and caffeine, but also salicylate in combination with a stimulant. The drug is well known for reducing the substances in the body that are associated with causing fever, inflammation and pain. The main role of the caffeine being used in the product is to further increase the pain relieving effects that aspirin has.

Usually, Anacin is used to treat common pain such as headaches, muscle pain, arthritis pain, but also fever and aches that are caused by the common cold. There are however times when Anacin can be prescribed by doctors on a schedule in order to prevent heart attacks, chest pain and strokes. However, when being used for this purpose, the treatment should be kept under close supervision to mitigate any issues that may arise.


What should patients know prior to taking Anacin?

To kick things off, as Anacin is made up of Aspirin as well, it can cause stomach or intestinal bleeding for some people, which can turn out to be fatal. Additionally, the allergic reactions to the medicine can also be quite severe, which is why it is important to be particularly careful when taking the drug.

Do keep in mind the fact that patients should not take the medicine in case they are allergic to any of the substances that it contains. When being consulted, do let your physician know if you have a recent history of intestinal or stomach bleeding, or an allergy to NSAID drugs. It’s also important to avoid taking the medicine if you are 60 or older, have a history of stomach ulcers, but also if you take blood thinners or are a drinker. Those suffering from liver or kidney disease, alongside with diabetes should also be extra-careful.


How is Anacin taken?

The drug should be taken exactly as it is directed on the label, or prescribed by the doctor. The powder should be dissolved in 4 ounces of water, stirred well, and drunk immediately. In case the medicine upsets your stomach, it is recommended to take it with food.


Missing or taking extra doses

In case you happen to miss a dose, simply take the next one as soon as you remember if you are on a scheduled treatment. In case it’s almost time for the next dose, skip the missed one. In the unfortunate case of an overdose, seek emergency medical help.


What are the side effects associated with the pill?

Some of the most common ones include upset stomach, heartburn, mild headache and drowsiness.

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