Drug: Antabuse

Antabuse Pill
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Antabuse is commonly used to treat alcoholism. It is not used alone but is used along with various types of counseling and support to help those who are bound by this addiction and want to get out of the vicious cycle. Antabuse (Disulfiram) works by adding as a block to any alcohol that is introduced to the body. It will cause a very bad reaction in your body whenever alcohol is consumed.

The medication is taken by mouth and can be taken with or without food. It is usually only taken once a day in the morning hours unless the doctor prescribes it differently. If it makes a patient too drowsy to function during the daytime it can be taken at bed time. The dosage will be determined according to the person’s specific medical condition and how they respond to all prescribed therapy. It is not recommended that anyone should take more than 500 mg per day. To get the best results from this medication it is recommended that it be taken regularly and at the same time every day.

There may be some mild side effects for some people. Until you get used to the medicine you may experience drowsiness, headache, tiredness, acne, and a strange taste in your mouth. If they become more than you can bear or persist too long you should contact your doctor immediately. The doctor most likely prescribed this medication because its benefits will far outweigh its side effects.

There are some possible, but very rare side effects that one might experience when taking this medication. The doctor should be contacted immediately if you experience vision changes, muscle weakness, numbness in your extremities, decreased sexual ability, mental or mood changes, confusion or seizures. It can cause serious liver disease but this is very unlikely.

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