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The generic name for Keflex is cephalexin, which is in a cluster of drugs accredited as cephalosporin antibiotics. Its primary work is to encounter against the harmful bacteria. It is generally used to treat the bacteria related infections. Skin infections, respiratory infections and ear infections are also caused by bacteria. These contaminations can also be healed by this drug.

There are some precautions that should be taken in time of taking Keflex. You should circumvent this medicine if you have allergic reactions to cephalexin or any other cephalosporin type antibiotics. If you procure a past history of allergic reaction to penicillin based drugs then steer clear of this drug. You better consult to your doctor if you have any kidney related diseases, liver problems, diabetes or an intestinal disorder (Colitis), as then you require an amendment of dosage. Also you need medical recommendations if you are breast feeding a baby.  Also be cognizant about its side effects which include convulsions, yellow skin disease, fever, constant weakness, red skin rash and lots more. Agitation, unusual confusion, irritation and even hallucination can be experienced by someone. Other minor side effects embrace insipid nausea, tendency of vomiting, diarrhea, tired feeling, drowsiness, vaginal burning etc. So if you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical attention straight away. Before stopping or starting Keflex, you should confer with your health service provider.

Take Keflex exactly the way your doctor has prescribed and follow the instructions thoroughly. Do not chew or consume it, take it with a glass of water and liquefy the tablet fully in some water. Whirl carefully with some more water before drinking it. Measure the dose cautiously by a measuring cup or spoon before having it. You can take the missed dose after realizing, but be conscious about overdose also as it can result stomach pain, aversion or vomiting.

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