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Champix Pills
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Those who are chain smokers and are fed up with their own smoking habits can go with Champix. It is a fantastic drug that helps the patient in reducing his smoking habit with least trouble. It is a reliable source. Generic name of this pill is varenicline. 

If a patient is under Champix medication then it is suggested to have strong will power too. Without will power all medications are null. Initially patient may feel stressed and depressed but gradually all good signs will jump up and generate positivity in him.

Through a survey it has been noticed that very least Champix followers have faced any Major side effect. Some of them have faced some anxiety and depression. One more thing that patient should know is that eliminating smoking habit is not single day process, it takes time and slowly it starts generating results. In first week patient will hardly notice any change.

Some side effects are very common like Nausea, Headache, and Insomnia etc. Patient should discuss all his current medication with his doctor so that doctor can prescribe him proper dose. If patient is pregnant or has an infant then she should not go for this medication. It could generate side effects on baby too.  

Champix has an active content that mainly reduces nicotine craving. It attacks the patient’s brain and work effectively. It is very much similar to nicotine replacement therapy but not exactly like that. If patient follows a proper diet cart and routine then better results are expected from him.

Champix have provided best results to patients. Around 60% of its followers are satisfied with its outcomes. It is considered as best solution to avoid nicotine craving and making health better. Procedure of this medication is plain and simple, no complication and no pain; this is the best feature of this drug.

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