Drug: Avana

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You can purchase Avana from an online pharmacy. Some of the reasons you should buy Avana online are:

Discounts; it’s cheap to buy Avana online because of the discounts provided by online pharmacies.

Convenience; you can buy Avana online from the comfort of your house. You do not have to go through the hassles of a brick and mortar pharmacy such as long queues and tedious payment methods.

Delivery; once you buy Avana online, the package is delivered right to your home and in no time.

Product Description

Avana is a PDE5inhibitor. The main ingredient in Avana is avanfil whose work is to relax the muscles and improve blood flow to certain areas of the body.

What is Avana Used For?

• Avana is used by men who are sexually impotent. This refers to people who cannot have an erection prior to sexual contact.

• The process of attaining an erection involves nitric oxide and cGMP. Nitric oxide works by stimulating a reaction that leads to the production of cGMP. These two processes cause the vessels in the male sexual organs to dilate. Therefore, it increases the flow of blood to the male sexual organ and assists the man to get an erection.

• The presence of the PDE5 enzyme, leads to a reaction with cGMP and causes it to break down, thus reducing the blood flow leading to impotence. The PDE5 inhibitor in Avana disrupts the functions of PDE5. It therefore, allows cGMP to accumulate and to sustain an erection.

What are the Directions for Taking Avana?

• For Avana to be effective, a definite amount of Avana must be taken by a person at one time. For example, an initial dose of Avana 100mg is the recommended quantity and should be taken 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. Only one dose should be taken per day.

• Avana should always be taken with the aid of a light meal or a glass of water.

• Taking more than the recommended amount of Avana may present certain indicators. If you experience such indicators, contact a medical expert right away.

What are the Side Effects?

Sometimes, the beneficial qualities of Avana can be offset by contradictory effects. Some of these negative effects are;

• Headache

• Cold-like symptoms

• Nasal passage blockings

• Discomfort in the back

• Ache in the chest and abdominal regions

Visit your nearest medical center for a complete list of side effects.


• Women should not take this medication.

• The occurrence of certain products in this drug may cause allergic reactions in some men. Do not use this treatment if you are aware of such a response.

• Do not use Avana if you have a heart ailment or condition; your heart may not respond positively after taking this medication.

• Those with pre-existing hearing or visual problems should not take Avana.

• Do not buy Avana for use with similar products.


It is important to follow the directions of your medical expert on the use of Avana. By following his/her directions you will meet the expected results.

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