Drug: Baclofen

Baclofen Pill
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Baclofen is a very common pharmaceutical product that basically works as a muscle relaxer. It relieves muscle tightness and spasms that are generally caused by conditions such as a spinal cord or brain injury and multiple sclerosis. It helps the muscles relax so that the patient can regain movement and free range of motion in their limbs. It helps increase movement by reducing pain and stiffness and also helps to reduce having spasms. It allows patients the ability to move about and conduct their daily activities.

This medication is typically taken orally three times every day. The physician may make some adjustments to your medication depending on your level of tightness and how effective Baclofen is working for you. As the condition improves and mobility is regained it can be decreased accordingly.

It is important to not stop this medication suddenly. Work with your doctor or pharmacist to slowly decrease it if you are going to stop its use. Many adverse effects are possible if you stop it all of a sudden. Reactions like seizures or hallucinations are possible if you suddenly discontinue the use of this pharmaceutical product.

Baclofen works to loosen muscles effectively when it is taken regularly. It takes a little bit of time for it to build up in the body. To get the most benefit from the pharmaceutical product take it at the same time every day. This will help maintain a certain level of the drug in your blood stream which will increase its overall effectiveness.

Before taking this product inform your physician if you have kidney problems, mood disorders, seizures or have had a stroke. Also tell the physician if you are going in for any type of surgery, including oral. Baclofen can be rough on the kidneys so it may not be suitable for older patients.

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