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Premarin Pills
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The Premarin is a medication that is used for women who suffer from some health problems after their menopause. It is commonly noted that women who have reached their menopause may suffer from mild to even severe hot flashes. Other than this, they may also suffer from some itching feeling in their genitals. There is also associated dryness in the area. The burning sensation that is present in the same area affects them a lot. The drug that is used to prevent these problems and also to treat it is Premarin. This drug also makes sure that the chances of Osteoporosis are diminished to a great extent.

Though the drug is used for most of the women who suffer from these problems, there are some who do not require this drug. In fact it is contra indicated in those who have problems like excessive bleeding from the vagina. It is also not prescribed for those who suffer or have suffered from various kinds of cancers. It is also a contraindication during pregnancy. When this drug is used, another additional drug that contains progestin should also be consumed by the woman to make sure that the risk of cancer is diminished. The drug is also not used in those who suffer or have suffered from diseases like heart attacks, strokes or liver diseases.

The use of Premarin is not without side effects. Some of the most common side effects of the drug include conditions like vaginits. There could also be a lot of bleeding in some women after using this drug. Excessive pain during menstruation and also excessive cramps in the leg are some of the other side effects that are seen in women who use this drug. If these problems persist, then they have to be immediately treated to prevent further discomfort.

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