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Vigora Pill
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Vigora scientifically known as ‘Sildenafil Citrate’ is a medicine that helps men in maintaining penal erection during an intercourse. It is used by people who are suffering from impotence or ED (erectile dysfunction). It has been found that impotence has impacted many people in the world who are suffering from diabetes, urological, or neurological, or psychological disorders. It is important to understand how it functions and helps maintain men in having a normal sexual life. It encourages engorgement of blood in the penal vessels which helps in firm erection during the sexual activity.

Normally, it has been found that many people in western countries use this as pleasure and entertainment item and ignore the medical advice. However, not everyone will suffer from this drug but some of the severe side effects of the overdose of the medicine are headache, dizziness, constipation, sudden heart stroke, nausea, and vision and hearing loss, urinary infections. So it should be taken under medical prescription only. Also, it is recommended that people suffering from below mentioned symptoms should avoid, unless strictly advised by a medical practitioner - heart disease, low or high blood pressure, kidney problems, liver problems, HIV patients, allergies, ultiple myeloma, leukemia.

Vigora is available in authorized medical shops given only after a valid doctor’s prescription. It comes in potency of 25mg, 50 mg and 100 mg and cost around $24. It is blue diamond shaped tablet written Pfizer (manufactured by Pfizer, Inc available from 1988) on one side and potency being shown on the other side. It is normally to be taken with a glass of water, an hour before the sexual activity. Its affects starts after half an hour of consumption and tend to last for four hours. Vigora is required to be kept with special care and recommended to be stored at room temperature but devoid of any heat and moisture, and should be kept away from children. Vigora if taken properly as per instruction will not make a men addicted, as it only tries to overcome his problem of impotence and fulfills his sexual life.

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