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Ativan Pill
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Lorazepam (Ativan) is a potent drug that doctors prescribe for people with anxiety disorders, sleeplessness and occasionally epilepsy. Ativan, which is a benzodiazepine, works on the brain and the central nervous system to produce a calming effect by increasing the effects of GABA, a natural chemical in the body.


Uses of Ativan


Ativan is often given to patients who are suffering from various anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorders and panic attacks. It also serves as a preanesthetic sedative reducing tension and apprehension before surgery. In addition; it has applications in insomnia management besides being used sometimes alongside other drugs in seizure control.


Side Effects of Ativan


Inasmuch as Ativan may be helpful in addressing anxiety and related health concerns there are some side effects that come along with it. Commonly experienced side effects include fatigue, drowsiness, blurred vision, vertigo and lack of coordination. Patients should consult their healthcare providers concerning these potential side effects especially if they continue or worsen over time.


Precautions and Warnings


The physician has to know allergies before prescribing this medication to the patient among other things such as kidney disease, liver disease lung/breathing problems or mental/mood illnesses. Additionally it should be noted that one should avoid alcohol use as well as working with machines or driving since this medicine causes drowsiness hence dizziness can occur.


Dosage and Administration


An expert must evaluate how much Lorazepam one needs based on age condition of usage response criteria when prescribed by doctor but not limited to dietary consumption at any time so long as directed Misusing this drug can lead to addiction, overdosing or otherwise death especially if consumed in large amounts or for long periods as advised.




Ativan is a valuable medication for those suffering from anxiety, insomnia, or seizures when used correctly under the guidance of a healthcare professional. Still it should be noted that because this drug can make one addicted or dependent upon it; the user must stick to the dosage as given. In case you experience any side effects concerning Ativan prescription and usage matters seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist.

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