Drug: Levothroid

Levothroid Pill
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?The drug Levothroid is also called as levothyroxine and it is one that is used as a replacement for the hormone that needs to be produced by the thyroid gland. When the thyroid gland malfunctions and is unable to produce this kind of hormone, then it has to be taken in artificially. The malfunction of the thyroid gland may completely stop functioning and may not produce this hormone or it can cause reduced production of this hormone. When this happens, this tablet is given.

One of the main advantages of Levothroid is that is can be used in patients with decreased thyroid hormones, the condition that is called as hypothyroidism. The drug is also used in the treatment of a medical condition called as goiter. This health problem occurs when hormone imbalance occurs during radiation or when the patient is affected by cancer.

Though the hormone is present in the body normally, an excessive presence of this hormone is not good. So, unless medically indicated, it should not be consumed. It can also cause some side effects and some precautions need to be taken by those who have suffered a heart attack. Even those who are diabetic need to adjust the dose before consuming this drug.

The physician needs to be consulted before you start consuming this drug. Patients who have pre existing diseases like anemia, heart problems, clots in the blood, excessive problems with various glands and hormones should take the advice of the physician. This is because the dosage of Levothroid needs to be adjusted before it is provided to the patient. Though the consumption of this drug may cause a loss of weight, people should not use it as a weight control pill because of the side effects and other problems that can be caused by this drug.

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