Drug: Periactin

Periactin Pill
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Cyproheptadine or better known as Periactin is basically an antihistaminic, anticholinogenic and antiserotonergic negotiator. It is basically used to treat allergic reactions. The allergic reaction that it treats best is hay fever. It also shows effective results in the treatment of nightmares which take away the sleep of people. The kind of nightmare that is being talked about in here is post traumatic stress disorder. It is also used in the treatment of serotonin syndrome which is a series of symptoms seen as result of intaking serotonergic drugs and also to treat diseases like carcinoid which is caused by the over production of serotonin by tumor cells.

Periactin is also quite effective in treating and preventing migraine in children. It helps to keep migraine problems away from children and adolescent who has suffered from it in the past. It is also known to give relief from SSRI induced sexual disorder and also reduces hyperhydrosis commonly known as excessive sweating. This drug can also treat cyclical vomiting syndrome and it is also known to stimulate appetite.

Periactin is never used as a sedative but it may cause drowsiness. Like many other drugs it also causes some side effects. The most common side effects that are seen in patients who take this drug are drowsiness and dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, dry mouth, throat, nose, constipation, nervousness and restlessness. The side effects may vary from people to people. It is thus advised to patients that never take the drug on your own without consulting your doctor or it may result in adverse health conditions.

This drug is also used for veterinary purposes. It is used in cats as a stimulant to increase appetite. It also may show some side effects in cat. The cat may either become very excited or it may also show some aggressive power.

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