Drug: Adipex-P

Adipex-P Pill
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Adipex-P or phentermine is a nervous stimulant which is the same with pharmacologic actions similar to the prototype drugs, amphetamines. It is basically used as an appetite suppressant which controls the central nervous system and elevates blood pressure. Adipex-P is to be had along with a nutritious diet and sufficient amount of exercise and physical activities to fight with obesity, which encourages Metabolic Syndrome, which has group of symptoms like high blood pressure or hypertension cholesterol, or diabetes leading to a host of Cardio-vascular diseases.

Drugs which fall in this category with Adipex-P, and are generally used in obesity have a common term, coined as anorectics or anorexigenics. It is not clearly demonstrated, whether the basic function of all these drugs in controlling obesity is that of appetite suppression. Controlling the other actions of the central nervous system and metabolic effects may also be involved in this process.

Having phentermine simultaneously with other diet medicines can be extremely corruptive for health and can result a very rare fatal lung disease popularly known as pulmonary hypertension. Adipex-P may also result into destabilizing the thinking or reactionary power of an individual. Alcohol can catalyze certain actions of phentermine. Thus, it is better to be avoided while going through the medication. Regular usage of the drug for a longer period of time is harmful as it may turn into addictive habits and people having a past record of drug addiction or alcohol addictions must avoid this, and see the doctor immediately if any kind of health uneasiness or withdrawal symptoms is to be seen in the patients.

However, one must also remember that Phentermine is only one of the entire procedure of treatment that also include following of a proper diet, regular exercises and physical activities, and a regular weight checkup and control.

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