Drug: Mycelex-g

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At this moment in time, there are quite a large number of people suffering from fungus infections, living in areas from all around the world. This is why there are numerous medicines meant to treat the symptoms and causes of fungi infections. One such example is Mycelex-g, which while it has been discontinued in certain regions, remains an efficient antifungal treatment drug.

Doctors have been known to prescribe this medicine to people suffering from vaginal yeast fungi infections. While Mycelex-g can also be used for other purposes, vaginal candida infections are the most common.


What should patients know prior to using Mycelex-g?

To kick things off, the medication should be used for the full amount of time prescribed by your doctor. With this in mind, do not take more or less of the medicine for shorter or for longer than initially prescribed.

There are also certain people who would be better off by staying away from Mycelex-g. Based on this, in case you have ever had an allergic reaction to the substances contained in Mycelex-g, if your doctor has not officially diagnosed the yeast infections, or if you have fever, HIV, foul-smelling vaginal discharge, then it would be better to shy away from Mycelex-g.


How is Mycelex-g mostly used?

The medicine should be used exactly as it has been directed by your physician, or as the directions on the package label state. Usually, the tablet, cream or suppository contained in the package should be inserted into the vagina, and kept there for a certain amount of time. Women can also use a sanitary napkin in order to prevent the medicine from spreading and getting on the clothes, or other parts of the body. If after applying it for a couple of times, no improvements are noticed, then it’s best to let your doctor know, as the drug or doses may need to be changed.

In case you have missed a dose, apply it as soon as you remember. If the next scheduled dose is nearby, skip the missed ones and take the scheduled one instead.

What are the side effects currently associated with this drug?

At this moment in time, some of the most common side effects include itching, burning and irritation of the skin in the vaginal area, but also an increased need to urinate. In case of worse side effects, then get medical help to avoid exposing yourself to any other potential problems.

Currently, the medicine can be purchased from most online and offline authorized pharmacies at a good price.

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