Drug: Clarinex

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Everybody at any age can have allergic reaction. To inhibit the symptoms of the allergic reaction antihistamine medicines are often used which block receptors stimulating the reaction to allergens.

To inhibit severe allergy, you can buy Clarinex which provides a long action during severe allergic reactions.

What is Clarinex?

Clarinex is a strong inhibitor of the histamine receptors which is used to arrest the symptoms of the chronic/seasonal allergy. Its main active ingredient is Desloratadine.

Clarinex can be used for the treatment and prevention of the allergic reaction. It provides a strong antipruritic, antiexudative action. Clarinex blocks receptors of histamine which play a main role in the formation of the reaction to the allergen. Desloratadine is quickly absorbed into the systemic blood flow and starts acting within 30 minutes after the use.

In 30-60 minutes after the use of the single dose of Clarinex, a patient experiences the decreased itching, edema of tissues, spasms of the smooth muscles, lacrimation, discharges from nose, redness of the eyes, and other intense symptoms of the allergy.

The main difference of Clarinex from other antihistamine products is a prolonged action. The maximal therapeutic effect becomes in 6-10 hours and lasts for 24 hours. The prolonged use of Clarinex does not cause a medical addiction, and the resistance to the action of Desloratadine is not produced.

Another distinctive feature of this product is no sedative action.

Directions for the use of Clarinex

Clarinex is prescribed for the symptomatic treatment of the chronic and seasonal allergic reactions: rhinitis, hives, and allergic dermatitis.

This medicine is effective during allergy of any severity regardless of the allergen type.

Who is contraindicated Clarinex?

Clarinex is not recommended women during pregnancy because Desloratadine penetrates through the placental barrier and can cause pathologic changes in the formation of fetus.
Taking Clarinex during lactation, the artificial feeding should be used.

Clarinex can cause the side effects, that is why it is necessary to check a sensitivity of the patient to the active ingredient of Desloratadine. In case of the hypersensitivity to this ingredient, this medicine is contraindicated.

Patients with chronic or acute dysfunction of kidneys should consult a doctor and get individual recommendations for the use of Clarinex.

How to take Clarinex?

Clarinex is prescribed adults and children over 12. The tableted form of Desloratadine is contraindicated at early age.

  • Tablets are taken once per day with a glass of water
  • The optimal daily dose of Clarinex is 5 mg in the treatment of the symptoms of the chronic allergic reactions
  • Clarinex 5 mg is prescribed 1-2 weeks before the expected period of the allergy during the seasonal allergic rhinitis. The treatment lasts up to the complete disappearance of the allergy symptoms.

Possible side effects

The side effects of Clarinex appear in single cases, during overdose, or increased sensitivity to Desloratadine.

The possible side effects are: short breathing, dizziness, sleep disorder, psychomotor hyperactivity, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, and increased fatigue.

The side effects run their course within several days. If it did not happen, consult a doctor or pharmacist.

How to buy Clarinex?

An allergic reaction can appear all of a sudden, and therefore an antihistamine product should be kept in the medicine chest. It is impossible to buy Clarinex without prescription in the city pharmacy. But if you do not want to suffer from allergy, you can order Clarinex in the Internet pharmacy.

Clarinex online can be bought 24 hours, without going to a doctor. Even if you felt the first symptoms of the allergy, you can go to the website of the pharmacy and order Clarinex online without prescription. The courier will deliver your medicine as soon as possible, at convenient for you time.

In order to buy Clarinex you do not have to suffer from allergy and visit pharmacies of the city looking for this medicine. You can go to the website of the Internet pharmacy and buy Clarinex online in 5 minutes – quickly, conveniently, and affordably.

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