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Synthroid Pill
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Synthroid acts as a replacement hormone - for patients who have difficulty producing the hormone which is supposed to be produced by the thyroid glands. Low thyroid hormone or hypothyroidism are the two most common medical conditions normally treated with Synthroid. Your hormone is important as it is required by your body to regulate the metabolism and energy.

By using Synthroid, goiter or enlarged thyroid gland are prevented. Enlarged thyroid gland is a result of hormonal imbalances in one’s body; of surgery; or of radiation treatment for cancer. Aside from that, Synthroid can also be used to treat symptoms of thyroid deficiency - which  includes slow speech; lack of energy; dry thick skin; hair loss; and unusual feeling of the cold.

Benefits Of Taking Synthroid

There are several benefits of using Synthroid. This medication helps patients focus better which results in clearer thinking. Also, it helps improve the patient’s immune system, making them feel more energised.

When the immune system improves, it prevents the patient from acquiring other bad health conditions. As thyroid deficiency is known to lead to thinning hair and dull skin - taking Synthroid then is very beneficial to the patient’s outlook as it improves skin and hair leading to the patient gaining confidence.

Things To Consider Before Taking Synthroid

Synthroid can be taken by almost anyone who needs it - since the thyroid hormone that Synthroid produces is not an alien to the body. However, if you are prone to heart disease, artery disease, diabetes, anaemia, history of blood clots or problems with your adrenal glands - you should avoid taking this medication. Also, you must take note though that Synthroid is not meant to treat weight problems or obesity.

Synthroid may take up to several weeks to start working its magic. Once your health care provider has prescribed a course, avoid stopping the medication abruptly - even though taking this drug results to a few side effects (which is normally expected). Unfortunately, there some individuals who need to take Synthroid continuously for as long as they live - so as to replace the thyroid hormone which cannot be naturally produced by their body.

One thing to keep in mind is to inform your doctor if there are other over the counter and prescription medications you use like vitamins, herbal products, minerals and other drugs that you take. Also, you must inform your doctor at every turn before starting on any new medication.

The Proper Synthroid Dosage And Recommendation

You must strictly follow the doctor’s orders or the directions on the prescription label. There would times when your dosage may be occasionally changed by your doctor so as to obtain the best results.

When taking Synthroid, take it along a glass of water. This is because Synthroid tablet is known to dissolve quickly, which can swell in your throat causing you to gag or choke - so a glass of water will help prevent such to happen. Also, remember that Synthroid must be taken on an empty stomach, about half an hour before meals. Taking it is usually recommended in the morning.

To make certain that Synthroid is indeed working for you, your health care provider would normally take your blood sample. Also, you will need to test your liver or kidney functions.

Know The Common Synthroid Side Effects

Certain side effects occur in patients when taking Synthroid. Many individuals, however, do not experience any of these symptoms. Some of these symptoms include,

- Fever

- Hyperactivity, anxiety or irritability

- Insomnia

- Weight loss

- Heart palpitations

- Emotional changes

- Difficulty breathing

- Menstrual problems

- Facial flushing

- Weakened bones

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