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Lipitor Pill
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Atorvastatin Calcium commonly known as Lipitor is a drug that requires a doctor’s prescription. It is highly effective in lowering the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in blood. Apart from reducing chances of getting stroke or heart attack, it plays an important role in the treatment of different types of cardiac complications and diseases. This article provides specific information about Lipitor, its use, its benefits, potential side effects that users may experience with this drug making it one of the most popular drugs for preventing heart disease.


What is Lipitor?


Lipitor falls into a type of drugs called statins or HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors. The medicine works by blocking enzyme found in liver, which generates cholesterol. Lowering cholesterol levels in the bloodstream can significantly reduce instances of cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks. Patients who have high concentrations of cholesterol are usually advised to take this medication so that they can protect themselves from heart attacks and other conditions related to their hearts.


Benefits of Lipitor


The biggest advantage that comes with taking Lipitor is its ability to reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol levels while increasing good (HDL) cholesterol levels at the same time. Consequently, it reduces one’s risks for contracting stroke or heart ailments. Researches have shown that Lipitor can reduce incidents of heart attack up to 36% among individuals having several risk factors on multiple occasions.


Usage and Dosage


Lipitor should be taken once daily either with food or without it; however its dose varies depending on a patient’s condition and response to treatment as well as any other medications taken by them at present moment. Failure to follow instructions given out by healthcare professionals might bring about suboptimal results hence patients are required to adhere to such orders. As a result of it, regular blood tests might be done in order to see how one’s body is reacting towards Lipitor.


Potential Side Effects of Lipitor


Although Lipitor works effectively to manage cholesterol levels in the body, some people may experience side effects. These include headaches, muscle pains, tiredness and digestive problems. At times however, Lipitor can cause more serious conditions like destruction of liver tissues and muscles. It is advisable that should patients have any strange symptoms they ought to contact their doctors for immediate attention.


Lipitor and Lifestyle Changes


To realize optimum outcomes, it is recommended that with the use of Lipitor other changes such as taking low-fat diet, exercising regularly and quitting smoking among others are followed by an individual. Such adjustments further help lower cholesterol levels and improve general heart health.


Precautions and Interactions


A patient should tell the healthcare provider about all other drugs being taken prior to commencing on Lipitor so as to avoid certain medications making it dangerous. Also this drug cannot be used by expectant or nursing mothers since it may harm a baby.




Lipitor has proved useful in managing cholesterol levels and preventing cardiovascular diseases. The ability of Lipitor combined with adopting healthier lifestyle can greatly reduce risks associated with heart diseases. However just like any other medicine, there must be a professional guide while using Lipitor so as to curtail probable side effects and reap maximum benefits.


Lipitor offers a well-established means for controlling high cholesterol levels among many individuals. Patients can make informed decisions regarding their cardiac health provided that they have acquired relevant knowledge about its usage, benefits and adverse effects in consultation with their physicians.

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