Drug: Xenical

Xenical Pill
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Xenical is used for persons who are obese. The condition must be significant and other measures to lose weight must have failed before a physician will prescribe this medication. It is usually used in conjunction with a weight loss program which includes doctor supervised diet, exercise and program which helps to modify behavior. Some also prescribe this drug for those who have already lost weight but want to make sure to keep it off. It is given because of the serious ramifications that can come from obesity such as high blood pressure, cancer, breathing problems, diabetes and heart disease.

Xenical works to block the enzyme that breaks down dietary fats. These have to be broken down into little pieces so that the body can absorb them. When the process is disrupted by the medication the undigested fat is passed on out of the body with other wastes. This keeps the body from absorbing the fat and gaining weight. The medication does not block calories that come from sugar or other non-fat foods, so it is important to limit the total calories consumed.

This medication works best when the diet is monitored closely so that no more than thirty percent of the total calories come from fats. Fat, protein and carbohydrates should be taken in over the course of the three main meals that are consumed. Take the medicine by mouth during the main course of a meal that contains fat or no more than an hour after the meal. It is usually taken three times each day. If you eat a meal that contains no fat it is okay to skip a dose for that meal.

There should be some positive signs of weight loss in as little as 2 weeks after the regimen including Xenical has begun. If the condition is not better by then consult your doctor.

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