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Xenical Pill
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Many people who are interested in becoming healthier often think of losing weight. Among the different ways, a strong ally is Xenical. In this complete guide you will learn what Xenical is, how it works, how to use it and other relevant information.


What is Xenical?


Xenical with the scientific name Orlistat is a prescription drug that aids in weight loss efforts. It focuses mainly on overweight and obese individuals by inhibiting fat absorption from foods thereby reducing caloric intake, as compared to other weight-loss drugs which act on the brain to suppress appetite. That’s why it can be regarded as a unique constituent of any strategy for weight reduction because unlike others it operates directly within the digestive system not by suppressing one’s appetite.


How Does Xenical Work?


Xenical accomplishes its purpose through slowing down lipase activity, which is an enzyme responsible for breaking down fats at the intestinal level. Consequently, 30% of your daily dietary fat does not make into your body cells. The excretion occurs through defecation since such fats cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream leading to no systemic side effects for patients undergoing treatment with this medication.


Benefits of Using Xenical

  • Effective Weight Loss:Clinical trials have indicated that when combined with healthy dieting and exercising,Xenical leads to significant shedding off of excess pounds.
  • Reduces the Risk of Regaining Lost Weight:In some cases people lose weight but after a while regain it back again.Xenical could prevent gaining lost pounds.
  • Improves a Number of Health Indicators:Weight reduction, Xenical can play a crucial role in lowering elevated blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels and insulin resistance thereby contributing to overall good health.

How to Use Xenical


To obtain the best effect out of Xenical you need professional guidance. The usual dose is 120mg taken three times daily with each main meal that contains fat. It can be taken immediately before, during or within an hour after the meal. More crucially, if there is no fat in a meal or one has missed it, its dosage gets skipped as there are no fats for action by this medicine.


Possible Side Effects


Xenical can bring about different reactions in your body besides being successful in weight loss which are primarily connected to the digestive tract. Some of these may include oily spotting on underwear; gas with discharge; urgent bowel movements; and fatty or oily stools. These side effects are generally not severe and they can be reduced by remaining faithful to a low-fat diet.




Xenical is an attractive route for people struggling with weight problems as it gives them an opportunity to minimize fat absorption naturally based on scientific findings. When used properly along with lifestyle changes, it is an effective way to achieve and maintain healthier weights. However, it’s important to consult a healthcare provider about one’s personal medical condition and goals.


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