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Commonly referred to as Acyclovir in the health sector, Aciclovir is one of the best-selling medications in the online pharmacies that work to treat herpes simplex virus, shingles, and chickenpox. Aciclovir tablets can be administered to the body through injection or direct pills intake.

Apart from treating shingles and chickenpox, Aciclovir medication also works to treat cytomegalovirus infections. Recently, the Canadian health mall introduced the sale of Aciclovir pills in the online pharmacies at low and considerate prices. To buy Aciclovir medication online, visit the legitimate online pharmacies and contact the online support staff for prescription and dosage guide.

Aciclovir pills information

Aciclovir is one of the top-ranked drugs that work to treat herpes simplex and shingles. These pills should be taken according to the doctor's instructions and the prescriptions guide. Aciclovir tablets are licensed and verified by the Food and Drugs Administration to trade in the online pharmacies and over-the-counter pharmacies freely.

According to doctor’s recommendations, Aciclovir medication should be administered in the body after the first appearance of genital herpes and shingles to avoid suffering from adverse side effects. Patients with shingles and genital herpes should avoid touching the infected areas and touching other sensitive parts such as the eye. Also, herpes simplex should be treated as soon as possible to avoid infecting other people.

Aciclovir drug interactions

Aciclovir medication tends to have good interactions with other antiviral drugs. Patients allergic to milk proteins should not take Aciclovir pills to avoid the repercussions of side effects. Before taking Aciclovir pills, it is advisable to consult your doctor and give out your medication history. Expectant ladies should also consult a doctor for advisory purposes.

Aciclovir medication dosage guide

Aciclovir pills are available in the online pharmacies at considerate and cheap prices. This medication is available in the pharmacies in the form of buccal tablets and oral suspension. Patients with herpes simplex and shingles should rake oral tablets with a full glass of water, and accompany the medication with proper physical exercise.

After experiencing blisters and burning skills, consult your doctor to get a prescription for Aciclovir medication. Aciclovir tablets should not be chewed or cracked before being administered in the body. Also, patients using oral suspension should shake the medication well before measuring the exact dose to be administered in the body.

A company that manufactures Aciclovir medication inserts a special measuring spoon or a syringe to make sure the patients takes the medication in a particular manner. Ask your pharmacist for a measuring spoon if it’s not inserted in the bottle. Clients taking Aciclovir buccal tablets should keep the pills in the blister package until they are ready to take the medication. Consider using a dry finger to remove the buccal tablet from the package for safety and storage purposes.

Aciclovir medication side effects and pricing

When abused, Aciclovir medication leads to adverse effects such as vomiting and nausea. A package of Aciclovir medication with 30 pills and 800 mg dosage strength sells at $62.


Aciclovir is one of the best-selling medications in the online pharmacies that work to treat shingles and herpes. To buy Aciclovir online, visit the legit Canadian mall and order a package of your preference.

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