Drug: Topamax

Topamax Pills
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Topamax is a special kind of drug which is used to cure seizure for both adults and children above ten years. Various other medicines are prescribed along with it and it teams up with them to give a better result.

Topamax is also used for migraine but it cannot cure the head ache which has already begun. It is used to reduce the number of attacks and the intensity of the pain. This drug should never be used unless it is prescribed by the doctor. He should be informed about the health condition of yours that is, if you are allergic to any drug or chemical, if you have any heart, lungs or kidney disorder or if you are diabetic. While using this medicine if you find sudden pain around the eyes or any other new symptom then the doctor should be immediately informed about it. Over dosage of this drug can be life threatening so when a doctor prescribes it, ask your doctor to explain how to use it and in case if a dose is missed then what to do.

Topamax is generally not advisable for those who are pregnant or planning for it as it might create serious problems for the mother and the child. Thus the doctor should be informed about it. You should not use it if you are breast feeding your child. Even birth control pills become less effective due to this drug. So if you are taking any such pills then consult with the doctor and apply any other means. Moreover while using this medicine if you find any new symptom or feel like committing suicide you should always consult your doctor. It is a natural thing but your family members should be aware of these symptoms and you should regularly visit your doctor. 

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