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Accutane Pill
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Accutane is a drug that contains a vitamin A derivative - which can be taken in oral form. Accutane is known as Roaccutane in certain parts of the world. This medication was given to patients with severe form of acne when no other treatment worked for them. Many of these patients saw their acne disappear after being treated with this Accutane.

In 1979, Accutane was discovered when it was administered to patients suffering from severe acne. However, Accutane has gained popularity in the last 25 years and is even prescribed for less severe cases of acne.

How Does Accutane Work?

Accutane dramatically reduces the oil gland size in the skin from 35%-58%, and even reduces the oil that the skin produces by 80%. Acne thrives on oily skin, which means that if the oil is reduced considerably - the amount of bacteria living inside the skin is also reduced. When pores become clogged, the more skin cells it is able to produce. Accutane helps slow down the process of how quickly skin cells inside the pores are produced. Furthermore, the medication contains anti-inflammatory properties - which also are helpful factors for treating acne.

How Effective Is Accutane?

Accutane has effectively proven to eliminate cystic acne or nodular acne problems, a severe type causing scars suffered by patients from all ages. Accutane is unlike other acne products.

Accutane have Isotretinoin as the main ingredient. Accutane treatment done for a period of from 15-20 weeks or five months will usually clear up the acne even after the medication has been stopped for long periods of time.

Your acne may seemingly become worse during the initial stages of using Accutane, but the acne will clear up completely at the end of the course. Whether it is non-inflammatory or inflammatory acne that Accutane is used for, so long as the patient completes the whole Accutane medication cycle - the medication has a success rate of 95% of partial or complete clearance of acne. The majority of patients who use this medication have been effectively cured. Their acne symptoms go into remission long term.

In case of a relapse, which is possible but rarely happens - a second course of Accutane is prescribed. The relapse is known to have been caused by dose dependence. Most patients who experience receive a dose of 100-120 milligrammes, are the patients who see the lowest relapse rates and have seen the best results.

What Are The Accutane Side Effects?

Just like any other prescribed drug, Accutane also has its own share of side effects. Below are some to mention:

- cracked skin

- dry lips

- body, back and joint pain

- bruising

- jaundice

- fever

- hearing loss

- vomiting

- nausea

- blurred vision

- seizures or convulsions

- loss of appetite

- severe depression leading to suicide

Moreover, Accutane is said to have severe side effects, especially as the dosage increase. If not taken according to prescription, this can potential be fatal. Also, it is not advised to take in Vitamin A in a supplement form alongside taking Accutane. For pregnant women, this may lead to severe life-threatening birth side effects. 

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