Drug: Imitrex

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While the exact causes of headaches remain unknown, as science has continued to evolve, numerous treatments against it have appeared. One such example is Imitrex, which is a headache medicine that works by narrowing blood vessels in the lining around the brain, while also reducing some of the substances in the body that are associated with triggering nausea, headaches, sensitivity to sound and light, migraine symptoms and more.

At this moment in time, Imitrex is most often used to treat migraine-based headaches in adults. Do keep in mind the fact that the drug can also treat headaches that have already begun, and cannot prevent them, or reduce the number of attacks that you are affected by. Additionally, the drug should also not be used to treat common tension headaches, or headaches that cause the loss of movement on one side of your body. Based on this, only use the drug once you are sure that you are treating a migraine headache and not anything else.


What should patients know prior to taking Imitrex?

Due to the nature of the medicine, there are a couple of safety precautions that you should keep in mind. Based on this, if you have a history of heart diseases, lack of blood supply to the heart, circulation problems, sever liver or kidney disease, or a history of strokes and heart attacks, then it’s best to avoid the medicine in order to mitigate any further complications. Do let your doctor know about all other conditions that you suffer from, to make sure whether Imitrex is safe for you. If you have allergies to any of the substances present in the drug, or are using another MAO inhibitor, then do not begin an Imitrex treatment.


How is Imitrex used?

To kick things off, it is important to only use the medicine as it has been directed by your doctor. With this in mind, do not take larger or smaller amounts for longer or shorter periods of time. Use the medicine as soon as headache symptoms are felt, and not as a precautionary measure.

After taking the first tablet, in case the headache does not go away, you may need to take a secondary tablet two hours afterwards. Do not take more, as this can lead to an overdose. Patients also have the option of using the Imitrex nasal spray, which comes with directions that should be followed carefully.

The dosage requirements tend to vary based on how strong your headache is, but also your age, stage of development and gender. In case of an overdose, get emergency medical help, as the risks can be severe.


What are the most common side effects associated with this medicine?

These include feeling hot or cold, pressure on any part of your body, nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, unusual taste in your mouth and more. In case of more severe side effects, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

At this moment in time, the drug can be purchased from local or online authorized pharmacies.

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