Drug: Flonase

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Flonase is an effective and safe medicine which provides a strong anti-allergic action. Flonase contains the active ingredient Fluticasone.

Fluticasone is the most studied product among all nasal corticosteroids, and its safety is confirmed by the medical studies and FDA.

Flonase is released in the form of the nasal spray which acts to the inflammatory processes in the respiratory tracts. It provides antiedemic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergic action.
When the active ingredient fluticasone reaches the mucous membrane of the nose and respiratory tracts, it blocks the production of histamine which causes edema of mucosa.

Flonase relaxes the muscle fibers in the walls of the respiratory tracts and prevents spasms.

Flonase acts locally and due to the convenient intranasal use it provides a faster therapeutic effect than the systemic antiallergic drugs. In 10-15 minutes after the application of spray, the patients do not experience sneezing, itching in the nose, stuffy nose, lacrimation is reduced, and there is no feeling of pressure in the eyes and nose.

Due to the local action of Flonase, it does not cause systemic side effects and is well tolerated. Unlike most hormone anti-allergic medicines, Fluticasone does not influence on hypothalamus, basal gland, and adrenal.

Directions for the use of Flonase

Flonase is prescribed for the symptomatic treatment and prophylaxis of chronic (year-round) and seasonal allergic rhinitis.

Fluticasone is actively used in the combined therapy of the bronchial asthma of the allergic origin in the medical practice. It well stimulates a respiratory function and reduces edema of the mucosa of the respiratory tract.

Who is contraindicated to take Flonase?

  • Flonase is contraindicated children under 4 years and also patients who have individual intolerance of Fluticasone.
  • If viral/infectious diseases of the respiratory tracts, Flonase is not recommended
  • Flonase is not recommended during pregnancy even though the active ingredient does not provide a systemic action and works locally.
  • There is no data about penetration of Fluticasone into the breast milk but a bottle feeding for a child should be used during the treatment.

How to take Flonase?

Before using nasal spray Flonase, it is necessary to clean nostrils, so that the active ingredients will reach the respiratory system deeply. The spray bottle should be shaken before the application.

  • Treating allergic rhinitis in patients over 12 years, it is recommended to use 2 doses of Flonase into each nostril once per day
  • In case of no therapeutic effect, the dose of Flonase can be increased and 2 doses of spray is used into each nostril 2 times per day (a general daily dose is 400 mcg of Fluticasone)
  • Children at the age of 4-11 should use one dose of Flonase into each nostril once per day

The maximal therapeutic effect is developed in 3 days after the beginning of the treatment.

Do not increase the dose indicated in the instruction for the use of Flonase because it can cause bronchospasm.

Possible side effects

The application of the nasal spray Flonase can cause local side effects on mucosa of the nose: burning, nasal bleeding, light numbness in the nose, light headache, and rash on the face.

The side effects pass within 3-4 days.

How to buy Flonase online?

It is not a problem to buy Flonase in the online pharmacy. You have to select the needed number of packs with nasal spray, fill out a blank with contact data, and pay for the shipment of the order to your city. An administrator of the online pharmacy will do the rest; he/she will contact you within a day after making the order for Flonase online.

Buying Flonase online you can select the way of shipment and payment, and therefore it is up to you the term of the shipment. In order to cover the cost of the shipment, you can buy 2 or more packs of Flonase and use a special discount which is available for all regular customers.

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