Drug: Tadalafil

Tadalafil Pill
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Tadalafil is one of the best prescribed pills that help to cure impotence. This pill is available in market with different brand. It has been observed that around 60% men suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is difficult to cure this disease. But this medication is just like miracle. It cures all such diseases with an ease. Erection is an important part of sexual life. A small abnormality in such function can ruin sexual life completely. This pill is available in different dosage like 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg etc. Patient can consult his doctor and can take appropriate dose.

Generally, patients are prescribed with 10mg of dose before every sexual act. If patient feel any side effect then he should approach his doctor immediately. As per the side effect doctor will increase or decrease the dose. Tadalafil is very effective and thus patient will feel its effect till next 72 hours. This pill contains both Viagra and Levitra. Within a short course of time patient will feel improvement in sexual life. If patient is suffering with some other diseases like heart or kidney then it is suggested not to adopt this medication as their pills can react with Tadalafil and can generate severe side effects.

To get best result from Tadalafil water should be taken in high quantity. Light exercise and relaxation works best with this medication. Always try to take this pill at least before 2 hours of sex. It gives long lasting pleasure and provides improvement in impotence also. Dose of this pill varies as per the age group. Many patients who are above 60 have used this pill and have experienced best result in their bed. Even it is considered better than simple Viagra pill. As compared to Viagra its side effects are very less and effect is awesome. 

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